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We have set up in order that you, the user, can easily and effectively manage and customise your alternative news and information.

On the upper right-hand side of the homepage is a search field.  Here you can enter keywords and search for any topic you wish, click "Go!" and any relevant items will then display on your page.

Infinite News Feed
The infinite news feed is the homepage you see when you arrive at the website.  It displays all the news and information items available in your chosen Categories if you are a registered user.  This content never expires.


Registered users can manage preferences by going to the Preferences page (link also located under "My Account" on the menu bar or simply click "Customise" on the right sidebar). Here you can refine exactly which content you see by checking the relevant Topic, Sub-Category and Category content you are interested in.  If you like to see all the news feed, simply hit the "select all" button and save your changes.  We occasionally add new Topics, so it's a good idea to go in and make sure you are getting the most out of your newsfeed.

You can temporarily filter your feed by clicking the text on any Categories, Sub-Categories or Topics you wish to filter.  These are displayed on the right sidebar of the homepage under "Filter of the Fly", then simply click the "Reset Filter" link on the sidebar if you want to return to the full view of Categories etc you have chosen at the preferences page.

Hiding articles
Once an article has been read or if a user wishes not to see an article on the feed, registered users can select the "Hide from Feed" button at the end of the news article.  To retrieve the article, simply click "Hidden Items" on the right sidebar and click on the cross in the top right-hand corner of the image if you wish for the article to be again included in your infinite news feed.

If you haven't finished reading an item or would like to have the option to refer back to a news item later, at the end of the item you can click on "Favourite".  Then, on the right sidebar when you are logged in, you will see a star and the word "Favourite".  Click here to see which items you have saved as Favourites.  To take the item out of your Favourites, simply go back in to the news item, click on Favourite again, and it will be removed from your Favourite list.  You can see when an item is chosen as a Favourite as the star at the bottom of the item is filled in gold, otherwise it just has a gold outline.

All our news items are able to be shared via social media and email.  See icons at the bottom of each news item.

Don't forget if you're mobile, apps are available for Android and Apple devices.

Daily Email
Busy life? Users have the option to receive a daily news headlines email to keep up with the latest.

Get Involved is designed to be a community-based interactive news and information project by the people, for the people.  If you feel that you'd like to become involved by adding content to our pages or in any other way, please let us know.

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