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By Duncan Roads, Editor, NEXUS

It is fair to say, in this day and age, that the disconnect between mainstream media “reality” and what is really going on is getting to the point where many people in society are not being told the full story—about almost everything and anything.

In geopolitics, we see media organisations such as Al Jazeera willing to totally fabricate events and broadcast them via BBC, CNN, ABC and other licensees.

In what is needlessly called “alternative health”, we see the might of transnational drug companies steering government health policies as well as affecting personal sovereignty in the form of forced vaccinations, freedom of choice in the treatment of serious disease, and the right to be able to purchase health products of our choosing.

In explorations of “fringe sciences”, including subjects such as the Expanding Earth theory or the Electric Universe theory, we see the unexplained anomalies regarding energy, gravity, electricity and biology, being ignored, suppressed or ridiculed.  I believe that it is in the open-minded exploration of such anomalies, that we actually further our scientific understanding of our universe.

In discussion of consciousness and the paranormal, we again see mainstream media reporting distorted versions of events, misreporting factual data, not reporting it at all, and again, outright ridicule (snigger factor).  The fact of the matter is that people want to know more about who we are as spiritual beings, about the role of consciousness in determining how we experience life, and the role our inherent beliefs have on how we live and treat other people. 

I believe that the vast majority of people on this planet want to live in peace and harmony with each other, and I also believe that there are forces at work, including the military-intelligence-industrial complex, that desire and profit from manufactured conflict.  

We live in an era where a growing number of people are stepping up to blow the whistle on illegal and suppressed information.  Information they believe is in everyone’s interests to be made public. Unfortunately, despite the assurances of protection to whistleblowers from world leaders, we actually see the opposite—the suppression and persecution of such people.

And finally, we live on a planet where the way in which we live is dramatically affecting the entire ecosystem.  Measurable levels of chemicals are found in the air over the entire planet—in the groundwater of every continent, and in the oceans everywhere.   Why is it noble to focus on CO2 and energy saving, while ignoring the death, disease and destruction of our habitat and life forms, including our own?

I have created, not as a vehicle to fight the current mainstream manufactured reality, but instead to provide a vehicle for like-minded, independent thinkers, to help create something new.  Something better.

Instead of endless searches on the Internet, we will bring you the news, every day, right across the spectrum of hundreds of non-mainstream news Topics.

We called it a Project, as it is not just about information—it is about the building of a global community through the distribution of information. is the first time that independent thinkers of the world (i.e. you) have a centralised location not only to see more of what is going on in your world than ever before, but where you also have the opportunity to send alternative news and information from anywhere across the globe.

You are the real key to our project, because by receiving information you can inform others and by contributing your knowledge to us, we can broaden our scope of services around the globe. As such, is designed to be a community-based interactive news and information project by the people for the people.

Welcome aboard, and thanks for being part of the adventure.

Duncan and the team

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