Zeta Reticulan extraterrestrial race

The Zeta Reticulans, are described as very similar, to the average depiction, of a Grey Alien, but it must be known, that this two races, and their agendas, are totally different. Both of this races, live in the Zeta Reticuli binary star system, which is about 39 light years from Earth, and perhaps have some connection, which is unknown to us. Their difference, is that the gray aliens, do not resemble humans, as much as the zetas do, and the grays agenda toward humans, is very hostile, and their evil agenda, is much like the reptilian one.

The Zeta Reticulans, have a big resemblance to humans in appearance, unlike the gray aliens. They have eyes described as all black, with no pupils, or iris. 

They have large heads, with no hair at all, and have small, and hard to see, ear-like bumps, on the sides of their heads. They range in size, around 3 foot in height, and can have long fingers, and some are webbed. They have small, seemingly human noses, as well as human looking chin, and facial expressions. Zeta Reticulans, are described as wearing silver jumpsuit clothing, that covers their entire bodies, including half of the neck, upper torso, and legs, while the uniform, does not cover the head, or the hands.

This extraterrestrial race, is highly technologically, and scientifically advanced, and are considered ahead of us in their development, by a few million years. They started in the Zeta Reticuli system, but have become space travelers, and many spend their entire existence in space. The variety of Zeta appearances, is because of their extensive travel, and settlement in different environment, and their adaptation to space, and travel. Various gray species, have different histories, and some are known to have over emphasized their focus, on technology, to the detriment of other qualities. It is believed, that they have now evolved, to be able to integrate with their technology, in a symbiotic relationship, and have learned to balance their spirituality, with their technological dependency. They understand that their tools, also have consciousness, and they work with that consciousness. These beings, have been involved with the evolution, of many 3rd dimensional species, including humans, because of their advances, in genetic engineering, and their ability, to still work within a 3rd dimensional environment.

The Zeta Reticulans, possess extremely advanced mental abilities, like telepathic, telekinetic, and other high mental functions. They appear emotionless, but are experts at reading frequency, and do not need physical expression, to relay feelings. They are scientific problem solvers, and are energy transformers. Zetas can integrate, with the consciousness of anything, and they create this way. Their ships, and equipment, respond to their telepathic communication, and are considered live beings, with dense consciousness, which can be reached, and they can connect to it, and control it.  The Zeta Reticulans, are considered to possess the knowledge of time travel, and can shift from 3rd, to 4th dimension, and can move others through these dimensions as well, by shifting their frequency. They are often called upon, for upgrading species, from 3rd, to 4rd dimension. They operate from heightened emotional states, and are not influenced by denser emotions. They can manipulate energy fields, which allows them to heal, and create mental projections, and alter sensations. They do this with genetic methods, to which there is an energetic component, and through teaching spiritual principles, to help species, learn to use their psychic acumen. They are evolutionary helpers, and also guardians, that watch over species progression. Zetas also assist with modulating star seed energies, to integrate with 3rd dimensional physical bodies, for incarnation.  Zetas live for their sense of interconnectedness. If they lose this, they feel lost. They also need the understanding, that comes with connecting to one another, and all beings, and hence form collectives, that work together to solve problems.Their focus, is Advancement, and species evolution. Zetas are excited, and motivated by evolution, and the integration of species, and how the soul can evolve, by means of experiencing different forms. The Zetas have been involved with Earth periodically, since the first life forms were established here, and with humanity, since their earliest evolutionary leaps.

They have always been here as guardians, and aids in our development, and in assisting with DNA upgrades. They have been asked by galactic councils, to create an Earth human, Zeta hybrid, in order to help humans, leap to a new level of consciousness, and further the ongoing universal human expression.  The Zetas, have obtained a reputation, for their much misunderstood abductions, and human experiments. It has been surmised by many, that they do these abductions, to obtain DNA from human beings, in order prolong their own species, but nothing could be farther from the truth. They already have the skill to clone their bodies, which are well adapted for space travel, and shift their souls into new bodies. It is believed, that the abductions made to obtain human DNA, are made by the gray aliens, and not the zetas. The zeta Reticulans, do not feel fear the way humans do, and thus they appear cold to this emotion. It is seen by many beings, that fear is a detriment to human evolution, and galactic relations.  this is one of the attributes, the Zetas are attempted to diminish in the new hybrids. It is true, that these hybrids, will not exist on Earth alone, and that Zeta beings, will in some cases, transfer their consciousness into these hybrids, as will Earth souls. They are meant to be an evolutionary leap, of potential expression, for many in the universe to experience.

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(Source: universeinsideyou.net; http://tinyurl.com/y9nsbflo)
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