Winged 'gargoyle' observed in Racine, Wisconsin

I recently received a telephone call from the witness 'CM' who recently had an encounter with, what he described as, a 'gargoyle.'

CM was driving home from work at 1:20 am during the last week of September 2019. He left Kenosha, WI and drove north on Rt 31 (S. Green Bay Rd) towards his home in Racine, WI. He got off at N. Green Bay Rd (Highway MM) and drove towards Rt 38 (Northwestern Ave). He soon notice a tall dark winged entity, which he referred to as a 'gargoyle', near the Root River overpass.

He described the being as a 6 ft humanoid with bat-like wings extending from its back. It was very dark in color and when his headlights hit the being the wings unfurled and it quickly ascended into the air. The body was thin and the head somewhat small in comparison. There was distinct eye shine with a reddish tint. CM believes that this being was eating roadkill.

CM was very insistent that a vehicle far ahead of him hit the brakes about the same time he observed the creature. CM believes that there is a possibility that another similar winged entity may have been present further down the road.

NOTE: There has been a lot of construction in the area in the past year. Lon

NOTE: This encounter will be added to the Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters Interactive Map. Lon

Have you had a sighting of a flying humanoid or huge bat-like creature in the Chicago, Illinois metro area or nearby? The entity has also been referred to as the 'Chicago Phantom', 'Chicago Mothman', 'Chicago Owlman' & 'Chicago Man-Bat.' Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] - your anonymity is guaranteed. Our investigative group is conducting a serious examination of his phenomenon. We are merely seeking the truth and wish to determine what eyewitnesses have been encountering. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. You can call me directly at 410-241-5974 as well. Thanks...Lon Strickler


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