Why the ET / non-human explanation has just taken a big step forward not backward

In the early hours of 4 June 2021 the news broke that the Navy Task Force had released some information ahead of the highly anticipated report to Congress on 25 June.

Basically, the Task Force had made two significant determinations:

1. That the crafts seen were not secret US tech and

2. That the Task Force could not prove that what was being seen was extraterrestrial.

Many observers may jump to the conclusion that the US were saying DIFINITIVELY that the objects seen were NOT ALIEN.

However, that is precisely what they ARE NOT SAYING because they go to admit that they do not know what the CRAFT are and DO NOT understand how they move in the way they do.

Now let us look at what OPTIONS were available to the Task Force.

There were only three possible explanations for the craft seen repeatedly by navy fighter pilots.

1. US Secret technology.

2. Foreign adversary technology.

3. Extraterrestrial/non-human technology.

However, in reality, there were actually SIX options on the table.

1. US Secret technology

2. Can we prove it yes/no?

3. Foreign adversary technology

4. Can we prove it yes/no?

5. Extraterrestrial/non-human technology

6. Can we prove it yes/no?

Now if we go back to what they had said, they have eliminated options 1 and 2.

They have announced option 6 i.e., they have NO PROOF of Extraterrestrial/non-human technology.

Now if that is a truthful answer, and bear in mind the US authorities have a terrible track record where the truth is concerned, that means that they have not been able to recover/retrieve any of the observed craft therefore, without the physical hardware they have no choice but to say ‘we can’t prove they are alien’ but by the same logic, they can’t prove that it ISN’T alien technology.

Significantly, they refer to option 3 but fail to answer option 4 i.e., can we prove it is foreign adversary technology – answer yes or no? Why do they not spell it out – we can’t prove it is foreign technology either?

The answer is simple and from their point of view, worth trying i.e., if we don’t spell it out then maybe no-one will notice!

The trouble is that the mainstream media now sense there is a real story so their attitude I suspect will be vastly different from generations prior to this moment in time.

I sincerely hope the mainstream media will now finally do their job i.e., investigate like Watergate and hunt for the truth on this potentially, profound issue.

The world is watching.

So, in the final analysis the reality of ET/Non-human CONTACT is now 50-50! And not 33 and a third.

Far from being down-hearted, people who have pursued the truth for decades should be realising that we are just one step away from achieving the goal of real Disclosure on this issue.

The choice ahead is stark - now there are only two options on the table.

The US Navy Task Force new information means that these craft are ET/Non-Human or Foreign technology but we can’t PROVE EITHER!

Whoa, let’s think about it…..

Gary Heseltine, editor of UFO Truth Magazine and Vice President of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER)


By Gary Heseltine / Editor UFO Truth Magazine

Former RAF Police Retired British Transport Police

(Source: facebook.com; June 4, 2021; https://tinyurl.com/y4qx7bue)
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