White hairless 'gorilla-like' being encountered in Lawrenceville, Georgia

A young man in Lawrenceville, Georgia was dog sitting for a friend when one evening as he was taking the dog for a walk he encountered a white hairless lean 'gorilla-like' being.

I recently came across the following account:

"This experience happened about 6 years ago. I was dog sitting for a family friend of my then girlfriend's family for some extra money. I would go over to their house once in the morning and once in the evening to feed the dog and walk it around the backyard on a leash to do its business. It was a smaller dog, one of those that seems to overcompensate for its size by trying to be big bad and scary...barking at everything with no fear.

I was doing this for a solid week. On the 2nd to last night I was over there, I was walking the dog in the backyard as usual. It was fairly dark by that time - not pitch black but dark enough that you couldn't comfortably walk around without a light. The moon was out so that helped a bit, but I also had my phone's flashlight on. The backyard was not fenced, hence the leash, and it was probably a good 15 feet of flat ground before it became thick tall grassy/weed type foliage. Behind that was just woods.

The dog always took a long time sniffing around every damn weed, rock, what have you. Then it suddenly froze, as if too scared to move a muscle. At the same time, I heard a rustling maybe 20 feet ahead of me and to my right. I shined my phone's flashlight over in the direction, but it was obviously not helpful. The rustling grew louder, but did not sound like it was getting closer to me. Finally I started seeing the tall grassy foliage start to move, and then I saw....something....emerge from it. Its size was similar to that of an adult black bear, but it was covered in skin that was whitish in color. It wasn't filled out or "bulbous" like a bear, but seemed rather lean instead. Imagine a large white gorilla but with no hair, hunched down on its front arms/legs.

It didn't make any grunting or growling noises, and somehow it looked like it was moving in slow motion. The dog (which would normally bark at anything) started to whimper. At this point, my eyes had started adjusting to the dim light, and I saw the thing turn its head toward me. I don't believe it had a face.

I ran back to the house with that dog so fast, I would have beaten Usain Bolt. The next day I went out with an actual flashlight, but nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Some info:

This was in a residential area...just another neighborhood with woods in it.

This was in Lawrenceville, GA around the fall season. I remember there were leaves everywhere and it was that sort of damp and chilly fall weather." WY


By Lon Strickler / Author Fortean Researcher

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(Source: phantomsandmonsters.com; August 31, 2020; https://tinyurl.com/y4zzcthe)
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