Where are the aliens?

It’s probable, even likely, that there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe. So, for the sake of this article, we’re going to assume there is life outside of earth, which begs the question… Where are the aliens?

Why have we not found any solid evidence of intelligent life outside of earth? There are many different theories and possible explanations and we decided to share some of our thoughts are to why one of the greatest questions in physics and philosophy is still completely unanswered… “Where are the aliens?”

  1. The ‘’aliens’’ may only be as advanced as us, or even less advanced, which means if they’re situated on a planet many light years away without their vehicles navigating their galaxy, we would not be able to observe them from such a distance.
  2. They’re simply too far away. If the aliens are too far away, maybe in another universe entirely, we would not be able to detect them.
  3. They’re already observing us and we’re not smart enough to spot them. It’s also possible they are using a cloaking device for their vehicles that we are not intelligent enough to detect.
  4. They’re operating in a higher dimension and are invisible to us in our mere four dimensional reality.
  5. The universe we observe is simply a projection and not real. This means we are only seeing what ‘’they’’ want us to see.
  6. It is possible they have found us, observed us, seen us, passed right by us, and not even entertained us. The reason being that we can’t even get to the next planet in our solar system and they are traveling throughout the universe. If earth has no resources that they require because they have managed to control matter and energy, it’s possible they look at us as we look at ants. They just see that we have make some nice concrete buildings and a few planes, but we’re decades or even centuries away from being about to experience interstellar travel. They have no use for us and no need to come and visit us. No matter how smart we think we are, they may still look at us as un-evolved. If we found the smartest ant on planet earth, we still wouldn’t be able to teach them about our political and economic structure and as hard as it is to believe, that’s how aliens may look at us.
  7. The 7th theory/explanation requires some explanation to wrap your head around, but it could be that we are living in a simulated reality. More on that now…


Taking some of what SpaceX founder Elon Musk said…

If you look at video games, 40 years ago, we had Pong… Two squares and a circle. Jump ahead to 2018 and we have photo realistic gaming where millions of people around the world can play against each other simultaneously, as well as virtual reality starting to gain some traction. If we assume any rate of improvement in the future, we will have video games that are completely indistinguishable from our own reality. We simply will not be able to tell the difference between virtual reality and our reality.

With this in mind, how do we know this hasn’t happened before and we are in fact living in a simulated reality? If we are, someone would have had to create our ‘’reality’’. That may explain why we can not find the aliens.

We do have a eighth theory, but we don’t like it and don’t think it is as likely as any of the previous!… What if we are completely alone and earth harbors the only life in the entire universe? It’s possible sure, but this would mean we simply have to get to Mars and fast. 99% of species on earth have already died. If we don’t become a multi-planetary species, then humanity and all life in the universe could cease to exist.


(Source: ahistoryofmystery.com; April 12, 2018; http://ahistoryofmystery.com/?p=3082)
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