Watch: British doctor films bizarre UFOs

A puzzling piece of footage from a doctor in England shows a pair of peculiar UFOs that appeared in the night sky over his home. According to a local media report, the strange sighting occurred this past Sunday evening as Dr. Mohamed Salama was taking his trash barrels out to the curb in front of his residence in the community of Harborne. As an avid photographer, he often looks to the sky "to see if there's something interesting" and, on this particular occasion, the doctor caught sight of something beyond his wildest imagination. "I saw a UFO flying very quickly in different directions over Harborne sky. It was very high in the sky, above the clouds," he recalled, "I never thought I would see something like this."

To his credit, Salama quickly began filming the odd aerial anomalies which he described as "two balls of light flying very quickly in different directions." In the doctor's video, the two peculiar orbs can briefly be seen floating close together before one of them departs the scene. Salama managed to film the remaining object for a fair amount of time after that and the object can be seen erratically moving around in the night sky. Previously something of a UFO skeptic, the doctor revealed that the incident has changed his perspective on the phenomenon as he can come up with no explanation for what it is that he witnessed that night.

"I don't think it was a plane, drone, laser or star because of how fast it moved and the way it maneuvered in different directions," Salama mused, "it was truly bizarre and left me pretty baffled being a man from a science background." While the doctor may be stumped by the curious orbs, skeptical observers will no doubt suggest that they could have been something prosaic such as a lantern or perhaps a spotlight from a nearby event that wound up looking unearthly due to Salama's perspective on the ground. With that in mind, what's your take on the weird footage? Share your thoughts with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


By Tim Binnall / Coast to Coast AM News Editor

Tim Binnall is the news editor for the Coast to Coast AM website as well as the host of the pioneering paranormal podcast Binnall of America. For more than a decade and over the course of hundreds of BoA programs, he has interviewed a vast array of researchers, spanning a wide spectrum of paranormal genres and ranging from bonafide esoteric icons to up-and-coming future players in 'the field.' A graduate of Syracuse University, Binnall aims to maintain an outsider's perspective on the paranormal world with a distinct appreciation for its absurdities and a keen interest in the personalities and sociology of esoteric studies.

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