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Mass 'UFO' sighting caught on camera in California | Jeremy Corbell Interview | 7NEWS

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One of the largest military bases on planet Earth is called Twentynine Palms, near California. Its a Marine training base. And it 2021, it was the scene for bizarre sighting. More than 50 witnesses claimed to have seen a triangular shaped craft hovering over the base, silently. And they filmed it, and took photos. They sent that evidence to investigative journalist, Jeremy Corbell.

Here, he explains what's going on, and what happens next.

Jeremy is leader in the field of UFO/UAP investigations.

He has broken numerous stories, exclsuively releasing videos he says are UFOs, filmed by active military sources. The TicTac video, the Nimmitz, the Swarm. Jeremy released them all, and now needs your help to get to the bottom of this latest mystery.

For more info head to Jeremy Corbell's YouTube: @JeremyCorbell    / @jeremycorbell  

Produced and edited by Stefan Mitchell.

05:04 - Eyewtiness accounts of UFO sighting

06:18 - flares of UFOs?

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(Source: youtube.com; May 26, 2023; https://tinyurl.com/2qoeupwr)
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