UFO sightings witnessed at Contact in the Desert

On Saturday June 4, 2016 at approximately 10PM, over 100 people had gathered for the nightly Night Sky Watch at Orion’s Lookout on the Joshua Tree Retreat Center property. Suddenly several unusual, fast-moving lights of different colors appeared in the distant night sky, moving in anomalous ways impossible with today’s aviation technology.

These craft halted movement and came into a triangle formation beyond the Lookout point, exhibiting varying shades of color and light intensity. One craft was completely dark, only visible when one of the attendees shone a laser light onto it. They disappeared after several minutes with mystifying suddenness and speed. In addition to the several eye-witness testimonials shown below, a CITD staff member also captured the experience on video. This unexplained sighting could only be one thing….

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center and this area of the Mojave Desert in California has been a consistent hotspot for UFO phenomena. It sits on the same 33-degree latitude parallel to the Bermuda Triangle and the Egyptian pyramids, long known to have a myriad of unusual metaphysical properties. This makes CONTACT in the DESERT the perfect place for a heightened chance to experience CONTACT.

Come see for yourself this May 19-22 with the leading experts in UFOlogy and CE-5 protocols!

A Renown UFO Hot-Spot!

Eye-Witness Testimonials: Orbs Caught on Film at CITD 2016

“We were hanging out near the viewing platform and the people with the night vision goggles spotted 3 small round crafts they pointed out with the lasers. The three crafts came into the center of the sky in a triangle formation, then a little purple cloud with a dense middle appeared and moved into the center of the triangle, then all 4 went back and up and vanished. It was amazing, I think there were 100 people there who saw it!”

— Susan V., 4 time CITD attendee

‘”I couldn’t believe my eyes – I just started cheering and waving hello! My incredulous friend said “no way, no way…why would this happen here and now?” And I told her “because They heard us.”

– Bonnie B., 3 year attendee, on seeing the formation of green + purple lights during CITD ’16 Night Watch. 

“Spanning an approximately 10-minute period beginning at about 10:30 PM, we observed a total of seven (7) continuously-luminous flying objects approached Joshua Tree Retreat Center (JTRC) at very high speed over the Western horizon (direction of Yucca Valley). The objects arrived singly, one after the other, and in pairs at irregular intervals over the approximate 10-minute period. None of the objects exhibited standard red, green or white blinking aircraft navigation lights. Each object flew exceedingly smoothly, silently and rapidly towards the East and then each turned smoothly toward the North/Northeast when they arrived directly North of the JTRC grounds. The distance to the flying craft was estimated to be less than two miles, but could have been as little as one mile away at their closest approach to the JTRC. Throughout their approach from the West and eventual disappearance to the North, the objects emitted a continuous pale bluish/green to soft amber light. The craft were sufficiently bright and large to be very easily observed without the assistance of night-vision optics or binoculars. At irregular intervals during their flight trajectories, each craft displayed bright flashes of an iridescent green glow. The glowing flashes did not appear to emanate from a fixed point on the craft, but rather seemed to be diffuse in nature and sweep over the craft in an uneven manner. The flash duration was about 1 second or less. As mentioned above, the craft were fairly close (estimated 1-2 miles) and when the green flashes occurred, it was just possible to make out some kind of hull structure to the craft, i.e., the craft did not appear as sharp points of light or amorphous balls of light. When the craft were targeted by one or more hand-held lasers, they sometimes flashed green. But they also flashed a green glow at times when they were not illuminated by lasers. From its first appearance on the western horizon, each object took about 30 seconds (or possibly less) to complete its west-to-east flyby past the JTRC, perform the sweeping northerly turn, and subsequently gradually disappear over the northern horizon. The estimated distance of the objects when they first appeared over the western horizon was 5 miles. Similarly, the estimated distance to the point of disappearance in the north was also 5 miles, resulting in a total (visible) flight trajectory of 10 miles. Assuming this distance was traveled in 30 seconds or less, the minimum speed of the objects may be estimated at about 1200 miles per hour. Importantly, no sound of any kind was detected as the objects flew past, which would be consistent with an unconventional (i.e., non-jet engine) type of propulsion system.“

— Harry & Polly R., Rodeo, New Mexico
Date of Sighting: 4 June 2016
Time of Sighting: about 10:30 to 10:45 pm MST

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(Source: contactinthedesert.com; January 17, 2017; http://tinyurl.com/hpv8bvs)
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