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The UAP secrets Congress doesn’t know

Congressional intelligence committees were briefed this year with the classified version of the UAP Task Force report. While some members of Congress now know UAP are not adversarial technologies, the majority of lawmakers remain in the dark, at least officially.

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TRY TO IMAGINE that most Congressional members have not been briefed with the classified UAP task force report. The same individuals that are drafting legislation in the National Defense Authorization Act, pertaining to UAP. Now imagine those members who were given the classified briefing, what they must now know, and what the NDAA legislation doesn’t say.

Let's find out...

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP was officially acknowledged for the first time by the United States government on June 25, 2021. The confirmation came from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the UAP Task Force in a document titled Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

On June 16, 2021, shortly before the declassified version was released for public consumption, Congressman André Carson chaired a classified briefing for members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and its Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation. The briefing was conducted by members of the United States Navy and the FBI. Conspicuously absent in this mix was the U.S. Air Force, let alone the newly created Space Force.

While actual details of the briefing have not been revealed, it’s not a stretch to assume that these elected officials were briefed not only with the classified documents but also viewed hair raising videos of UAP. These videos would likely contain high resolution images of objects that defy gravity, while moving at incomprehensible speeds and performing right angle maneuvers that would defy our current understanding of physics. Here’s what Chairman Carson had to say in his prepared remarks:

“We have to think about the nearly 4,000 satellites that are orbiting the Earth right now. Most of those satellites have cameras attached to them. Why hasn’t any of that information been released?”

It boggles the mind to consider what was divulged, heard and seen in those meetings. We have some insight, however, from Dr. Robert McGwire.

McGwire is an adjunct professor at Virginia Tech, former chief scientist at the Hume Center, and Founder of Hawkeye 360. He also holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, Brown University; a BS in electrical engineering, Auburn University. More to the point for this discussion, he’s an avid UFO researcher. In startling comments last spring, McGwire, who says he holds a security clearance but not present at the briefing, told Spaced Out Radio…

“I know several people who were in the national security council meeting and the best comment I heard was ‘what we had was 40 minutes of science fiction movies, we were all gobsmacked’… There were 70 pages and 14 videos, they got to see the good stuff. There was a full classified report and 14 videos… but the committees and the White House — they saw the works.”

Who Else Has Access to the Fully Leaded Version

The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) also has access to the classified report. It’s led by chairman Senator Mark Warner and vice-chair Senator Marco Rubio. While Warner has mostly kept his powder dry on this one, Senator Rubio has made numerous outspoken appearances on media outlets and has raised concern that UAP was a potential national security threat. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid served on this committee between 2007–2015.

The “Gang of Eight” having high level clearances with access to the classified report includes the leaders of each of the two parties from both the Senate and House of Representatives. The chairs and ranking minority members of both the Senate Committee and House Committee for Intelligence who have exclusive oversight over (WUSAP) projects also have seen it.

Former CIA directors John Brennan and James Woolsey as well as former ONI director John Ratcliffe all came on the record last spring. They indicated national security concerns associated with unidentified aerial phenomenon, and likely knew what would be included in the classified report.

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The Obama Turnaround

In 2011 the White House responded to two petitions asking the U.S. government to acknowledge formally that aliens have visited Earth and to disclose any intentional withholding of government interactions with extraterrestrial beings. This is what they said:

“The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

That was then, this is now. In a miraculous twist of fate in the spring of 2021 former president Barack Obama confessed that UAP exists and is currently under investigation by the United States Government.

“What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is there’s footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are. We can’t explain how they move, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable path,” he added of the mysterious images. “So I think people still take it seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is.”

The National Defense Authorization Act FY2022

October of 2021, the US Congressional bill for the upcoming FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act states that a new office will be established within the Office of the Secretary of Defense to carry out, on a Department-wide basis, the mission currently performed by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. The language in the NDAA Bill indicates the new agency will provide:

“an assessment of any activity regarding unidentified aerial phenomena that can be attributed to one or more adversarial foreign governments… Identification of any incidents or patterns regarding unidentified aerial phenomena that indicate a potential adversarial foreign government may have achieved a breakthrough aerospace capability.”

While this congressional language presumes that UAP are terrestrial, foreign adversarial technologies, the UAP Report thought differently.

“…incidents documented over the past two decades did not originate from any American military or other advanced U.S. government technology…”

This eliminated the possibility that Navy pilots who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs the government meant to keep secret.

What It Probably Means

There are 535 Members of Congress, 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s estimated that approximately 75 lawmakers have been briefed with the classified report. Which means 85% of Congressional members have not seen the high resolution videos, photographs and accompanying sensor data.

If one could imagine watching a high resolution bona fide government video of an objects moving at unbelievable speeds, performing incomprehensible maneuvers while defying gravity, you would probably be wondering why you’re still speaking English, if you thought this was the Russians or Chinese technology.

It’s incomprehensible that lawmakers serving on the aforementioned intelligence committees could conclude that what they were viewing was foreign adversarial technologies. American adversaries with access to this technology, would constitute the largest intelligence failure in American history, to which we have no defense.

Bear in mind, these are the same individuals that are drafting legislation in the National Defense Authorization Act pertaining to unidentified aerial phenomenon. Compounding matters, Robert Hastings who authored “UFOs and Nukes” interviewed more than 150 military personnel, and said they were:

“…nuclear launch officers, nuclear missile targeting officers, maintenance personnel, security guards who guarded the nuclear weapons facilities, and all of those individuals have told me on tape either audio or video that in fact UFOs have routinely monitored our nuclear weapons dating back decades.”

The National Defense Authorization Act does not include any reference to nuclear site incursions by unidentified aerial phenomenon. Again, from Robert Hastings:

“Nuclear weapons program is an ongoing source of interest to someone possessing vastly superior technology. Significantly, the reported UFO activity occasionally transcends mere surveillance and appears to involve direct and unambiguous interference with our strategic weapons systems.”

Additionally, there are thousands of historical UFO documents currently being ignored by Congress. Many have sightings of similar craft with photographs and video that exhibit the same gravity defying maneuvers as witnessed by US naval pilots today. In the UAP Preliminary report, under the heading “A Handful of UAP Appear to Demonstrate Advanced Technology” —

“Some UAP appeared to remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable speed, without discernible means of propulsion.”

Clearly American adversaries could not have developed the same technology we are seeing today more than 50 years ago.

The tragic reality is that the USG/CIA created and perpetuated a stigma surrounding UFOs decades ago. It succeeded in permeating deep into the American psyche. This was then reinforced by the erroneous conclusions drawn from Project Blue Book. American citizens who witnessed things they did not want to see, and sought answers would face ridicule and persecution which served as a warning for those that dared to follow. Again, from the UAP Preliminary Report —

“Narratives from aviators in the operational community and analysts from the military and IC describe disparagement associated with observing UAP, reporting it, or attempting to discuss it with colleagues. Although the effects of these stigmas have lessened as senior members of the scientific, policy, military, and intelligence communities engage on the topic seriously in public, reputational risk may keep many observers silent, complicating scientific pursuit of the topic.”

The bias and fear perpetuated from this stigma, still exists in Congress today, largely by lawmakers who have not seen the classified report. Lawmakers who have not been briefed can’t draft meaningful legislation on information they don’t have.

Robert Hastings has been interviewing military personnel for more than four decades who are all telling him UFOs are visiting military installations. Apparently these same vehicles are also responsible for ICBM site incursions and they have the ability to turn off our nuclear missiles, at will.

In a recent interview with The Debrief, Lue Elizondo was asked about the nuclear connection and said,

“AATIP was aware of the nuclear connection, there was a lot of information AATIP didn’t have access to that Robert Hastings did, and he did a fantastic job with his book about the nuclear connection.”

Elizondo continued..

“We were able to validate and substantiate exactly what he was saying through intelligence reporting. Not only was it good and accurate at the end of the day it was helpful, in some cases there was a little information we didn’t have that he did..”

The Department of Defense’s AATIP program was established in 2007 and validated Hastings' research. Hastings’ book “UFOs and Nukes” was published in 2008, this is not new information. This information should be in the UAPTF classified report, yet it does not appear in the NDAA legislation, why?

The bottom line is not everyone in Congress is not on the same page. The legislation being drafted in the NDAA reflects this incongruity, which gives our adversaries more time to do meaningful research while we are stuck in the stigma.

There is already a great concern among many American insiders that the Chinese have moved ahead of the United States in regard to resources they are implementing to investigate and understand unidentifieds’.

It’s come to the point where Congress is actually hurting American interests by hiding behind a decades-long secret that’s already half out of the bag.

Let’s talk about how we move on…

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The Political Dilemma

Former presidents taking ownership for decades of public deception regarding UFOs would be perceived as political suicides, for themselves and their party. However the Pentagon’s stipulated threat from UAP provides political cover to start a conversation.

Former presidents would not have a requirement to be briefed on UFOs, as it was not considered a security issue.

For some this solidified that sitting presidents didn’t have a need to know and we’re not briefed on matters associated with unidentified aerial phenomena.

The reality is, there was not a positive political calculus that would entice any president to put themselves in an untenable situation. Plausible deniability provided the perfect recourse for deflecting responsibility for their predecessors mistakes.

Presidents are not investigated and polygraphed for security clearances as all other government officials are. By virtue of being elected, they assume control over all the nation’s secret intelligence, and are allowed by law to disclose any of it, at any time, to anyone.

The fact is, they can get any information they want. But once briefed on top secret classified information pertaining to unidentified aerial phenomenon, they would not have the benefit of plausible deniability.

However the circumstances have changed. There has never been an administration in which the Pentagon has officially stated that UFOs pose a security threat, until now.

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The National Security Council

The National Security Council (NSC) is the President’s principal forum for considering national security and foreign policy matters with his or her senior advisors and cabinet officials. Since its inception under President Truman, the Council’s function has been to advise and assist the President and to coordinate matters of national security among government agencies

The National Security Council is chaired by the President. Its regular attendees (both statutory and non-statutory) are the Vice President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.

United States Government officially stipulated in the June 25, 2021 by the ONI / UAP Task Force, Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

“Identification of potential aerospace or other threats posed by the UAP to national security, and an assessment of whether this UAP activity may be attributed to one or more foreign adversaries”

Presumably former presidents could claim plausible deniability because they didn’t have a need to know as there is no perceived threat to the United States from UFOs. The Report continues:

“UAP pose a hazard to safety of flight and could pose a broader danger if some instances represent sophisticated collection against U.S. military activities by a foreign government or demonstrate a breakthrough aerospace technology by a potential adversary.”

As chairman of NSC, the president was briefed with classified unidentified aerial phenomenon, classified documentation, photographs and videos as a matter of necessity.

Additionally he has a need to know for all information pertaining to UAP residing in Department of Defense agencies to protect American defense interests.

The President of the United States takes the oath of office swearing to the American people to…

“support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

Under the laws of a state, it may be considered treason or a high crime to betray a sworn oath of office, presidents have been impeached for less.

Historically there has never been a president who went into the weeds regarding unidentified aerial phenomenon, but this one should.

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Mainstream Media

The Mainstream media should be addressing the national security issue by posing direct questions to the president. Regular inquiries of what actions the NSC has taken, and what information he has pertaining to unidentified aerial phenomena should now be standard operating procedure.

Intense scrutiny regarding how the global balance of power could be affected as a result of these observed technologies. The media has never addressed the implications of a foreign adversary possessing this technology and what this means to world democracies defense interests.

The media should establish that UAP has visited nearly every nuclear facility in the United States, and the ramifications of those incursions. “Someone” is exhibiting a technology that the United States admits is more advanced than anything in their arsenal. This technology is being used for incursions at American nuclear facilities and ICBMs have been deactivated as a result of these visits.

Congressional members have varying degrees of knowledge based on their access to the classified UAPTF report. The current conversation with Congress would be very different if all members had access to the classified version of the UAP task force report. The media should address how varying degrees of information has affected the language in the NDAA legislation.

October 18th, 2021 retired USAF officers which included retired captain Robert Salas shared their accounts of UAPs interfering with U.S. nuclear weapon systems. Visit this site for the broadcast

Closing Window Of Opportunity

The president should start a conversation with the American public now. Providing declassified documentation and releasing high quality video and data will prove a commitment to government transparency.

The fact is, this President has seen the classified report and been briefed with Top Secret Pentagon documents as a matter of National Security, plausible deniability is off the table.

The existing information that has been concealed in Pentagon programs will soon be consolidated and analyzed within the new UAP office. Congressional leadership will conclude that foreign adversaries cannot be attributed for all UAP incursions, leaving no prosaic explanations. Congress will be faced with the reality that the US intelligence apparatus, under the purview of the Pentagon, has concealed the reality of UFOs for decades.

The USG will be held responsible for creating the stigma surrounding UFOs and the damage it caused. The political fallout and complete lack of public trust in its government will be immeasurable without the president providing a leadership role now.

AI technologies currently under development and soon to be released for public use will provide an unprecedented ability to validate existing UFO videos and photographs. Decades of UFO footage and photographs reside on the internet and will inevitably be processed by this program.

It is not inconceivable that proof of UAP could come from the private sector before the United States government discloses more tangible information, leaving them unable to control the narrative and the American public with no faith in their government system.

The president and Congress’s inability to move beyond its own fears and truly forgo the stigma does not serve American nor global democracy’s best interests.

While close minded American politicians grapple with the concept that we are not alone in the universe the Russians and the Chinese move closer everyday to unraveling these mysteries.

Fear may not only be the mind killer, it may also be what destroys democracy if we fail to act in our own best interests and move beyond our bias.

Technological treaties should have been written long ago to ensure that all nations would work together to find answers to the mysteries that now face us.

But that’s another story for another time…


By Nick Madrid / Contributor

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