The Montana Vortex - A CanAm special interview on location

David Paulides interviews the owner of the Montana Vortex, Joe Houser. Joe explains how Native Americans have claimed that tribal members have disappeared in the area of the vortex.

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By Canam Missing Project

CanAm Missing is a group of retired police officers, search and rescue experts (SAR) and other professionals that are dedicated to researching, on scene investigating and generally understanding the issues associated with people who go missing in the wilds of North America. This has typically been a project that is intensely worked by search and rescue teams starting when the victim is reported lost and usually continuing for the following 7-14 days, the case then flounders in a file cabinet. After years of reading thousands of SAR reports, speaking with dozens of victims, we believe the paradigm of this effort needs change.

Law enforcement and the media usually do not publicize concerns of kidnapping or abduction when the missing can be explained through traditional means. There are too many of these cases to ignore and there is a consistency to the stories.

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