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Tall Whites extraterrestrial race

The Tall Whites are often mistaken as Pleiadians, due to limitations in human understanding, but they are very different from them. Charles Hall, a former US Air Force veteran, claims that the U.S. Military, have had contact, and worked alongside this extraterrestrial race, called the Tall White, since the Fifties.

Charles Hall, describes this beings, as more than 8 feet tall, and humanoid in appearance. They have blonde-white hair, and a substantial muscular frame. Although they are highly individualistic, one similar characteristic, is they all have white chalky complexions. Their skin is completely white, like chalk. Their hips are shaped liked ours, but they walk quite differently, since they are used to a stronger gravity pull.

They typically can be seen wearing aluminized jump suits, and their lifespan is around 800 years. They do not age as we do, but at about 400 earth years, they undergo a second stage of growth, eventually reaching about 8 feet tall. They are extremely intelligent, and process information, on a speed, several times faster than humans. They have individual talents, differing intellectual capabilities and physical features. Although their technology is quite beyond ours at this time, evidence suggests, that by other and less tangible measures – “wisdom”, “intelligence”, “moral stature” – they might be quite comparable to ourselves. These extraterrestrial beings usually communicate with the help of telekinesis and telepathy. What is interesting about them, is that according to Charles Hall, they have 28 numbers of teeth, and their blood cells are biconvex in shape, in compared to that of the humans, who have concave blood cells. The sleeping pattern of the Tall Whites, is also different to those of Earth humans.

On their planet, days are longer, and they usually staying awake for two earth days, and then followed by sleeping the same amount of time. The origin, and the location of their planet is still unknown to us, but the star Arcturus, seems to be very important to them. Charles Hall, by the telepathic link they often established with him, was able to perceive that the star Arcturus, or something close to Arcturus, is very important to them. Their ultimate home, may be somewhere else. In recent correspondence, this is what Charles Hall stated.“I was never able to determine which star the Tall Whites called their home star. However, my best guess, was a star, that is roughly 105 light years away. Hall’s “best guess”, was most likely an excellent guess, as he had been able to figure out their route transit times, from very careful observations of the different crafts, and their schedules. Many different people, report seeing, or meeting these Tall White beings in our modern days, but what is very interesting, is that there are many records from our history, which also suggest the existence, and visitation of these extraterrestrials on our planet, thousands of years ago. Throughout history, many cultures claim to have had encounters from white beings from the skies. Several miths and stories, described them as tall and slender people with with skin, blue eyes, and white hair. In South America, Viracocha are interpreted as white masters from the skies in the Inca mythology. According to the Incas, the white masters shared teachings of astronomy, the calendar, craftsmanship, and spirituality. Furthermore in Persian mythology, the name Ahura Mazda, means Spirits of wisdom. The Ahura Mazda, has said to have shared his teachings with the locals. They have been described as white spirits, who flew in a shining discs. Moreover, in America, the Hopi Indians, encountered the Pahana. Pahana means white brother from the skies. The white brothers, is said to have given spiritual understandinds of philosophical nature to the native people. To this very day, the Hopi Indians, awaits the return of the Pahana, their true white brothers. Furthermore, in the country of India, the name Vayu, has the meaning of the White Gods of the wind. The white gods, is said to have shared ancient knowledge with the native people, and the god Vishnu is said to return to the people in a day in his choosing accompanied by beautiful white horses. According to ancient Sankskrit literature, it described a world, filled with ancient flying vehicles, called Vimanas. This massive crafts are said to be controlled by the mind, and to be chariots of the gods from the skies. We can find many depictications of their spacecrafts from ancient drawings. As far as Moses was concerned, the spaceship was God’s residence, and the rest of the crew, was God’s angels.

The spacecraft technology of the Tall Whites, developed drastically throughout history. Charles Hall witnessed three different types of spacecraft, ranging in size, from a small nuclear powered scout craft and a large interstellar craft able to travel faster than the speed of light. This large black craft was approximately 70 feet high and 360 feet long. Hall said the technology of the small craft, was shared with the military, but the large craft remains a mystery. This is what Charles Hall said, regarding their hangar, and living facilities.

“I was able to observe the repair facilities from a short distance and to the best of my knowledge I am the only person to have been allowed to view these facilities. “The American generals would do anything to maintain good relations with the Tall Whites in order to get their technology,” “The exchange was done on the basis of what would benefit the Tall Whites and they sometimes participated in classified meetings, helping with technology development.”  Charles Hall said he saw them together many times, and even sat together across negotiating tables.  Hall said the military definitely supplied the Tall Whites with any type of food requested, but noticed them carrying prepared bags of what looked like mushroom pudding.
Hall surmised they were plant eaters, as he noticed them collecting seeds on various occasions. It is also rumored, that President Eisenhower, had a secret meeting, with a group of Tall White extraterrestrials, who were attempting to convince the United States, to disarm its nuclear missile program, in exchange for advanced technology. The event is said to have taken place, in February 1954, at Edwards Air Force base, under the guise, of Eisenhower, undergoing emergency dental surgery, which of course is a lie and a cover. It is believed, that this meeting did not end with any sort of agreement. Instead, Eisenhower is thought to have entered into a treaty, with the Grey aliens, a pact which ensured that the US could keep its nuclear arsenal, while still receiving advanced technologies from the extraterrestrials. In exchange for this technological intel, the Greys would be allowed to abduct, and experiment upon the American people without question. Mr. Charles Hall, said that the Tall Whites, did not pose any threat to humans, and were principally engaged in a technology transfer with the US military. “They were housed at the base and only used Earth, as a base for their deep-space travel, and had no ulterior motive to colonize our planet, or dominate national governments.”

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By Stefan Dimitrov

My name is Stefan Dimitrov and I’m the person behind “Universe Inside You”.

I’m 22 years old and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria.

My goal is to spread knowledge and information with you and help you expand your consciousness and guide you in your journey.

(Source: universeinsideyou.net; September 8, 2017; https://tinyurl.com/y9bxeu7s)
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