Researchers conclude that image in the Andes shows an authentic UFO

A team of scientists has re-analyzed an image that shows an object in the form of a disk on the Andes, captured more than a decade ago. The orange spot suspended from reddish clouds is shaped like a disc. Now, experts have come to the conclusion that this is a real UFO.

Researchers have described a giant UFO photographed over Chile in 2010 as not yet unidentified. The image appeared to show a bright orange object hidden behind the clouds and was taken by a family who were on a picnic in the Andes Mountain Range in 2010.

Research by the National Aviation Reporting Centre on Anomelody Phenomenon (NARCAP)

The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalo Phenomenon (NARCAP) investigated the sighting that same year, but scientists are reopening the case as part of a new documentary that tries to prove or refute strange phenomena.

"This object is not really identified, so it is a real UFO," said a physics expert at the University of Albany.

The NARCAP report states:

The image was taken during the day, on a Sunday, and shows the sun shining through white clouds and a band of reddish clouds on the left, surrounding a sliding orange object bright with interesting details on the surface.

History of the sighting

The story of the image dates back to February 14, 2010, when a one-year-old marriage and her daughter spent the day at the El Yeso reservoir, located in San José de Maipo, Metropolitan Region, Chile.

In the photos there is an orange dish. The family's mother took 16 photographs of the stunning valley and the sky and, upon returning home, noticed the reddish clouds next to the object. The Chilean government shared the photo with NARCAP, a consultant to aviation professionals investigating UFOs and aviation security. Ted Roe, director of the organization, conducted an extensive image analysis and published a 23-page report on July 2, 2010.

Roe appeared in The Proof is Out There where he claimed:

This study resolves that it is, in fact, an external anomaly. It doesn't seem to be included in the photograph, so we're left with an unidentified air phenomenon.

The "Proof is Out There" Program

The case, however, was frozen after the report was released discreetly in July. Experts labeled the case a UFO.

The sighting appeared on the show The Proof is Out There of History Channel, where experts determined that there are no camera effects associated with the Bubble and concluded that the object is an authentic UFO, stating that we are approaching. "If it's true".

Another Ovni Antofagasta, Chile

The Proof is Out There is a program that brings together experts to investigate videos and images of strange sightings captured by the public.


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