Possible Bigfoot spies campsite in Lake of the Woods, California

A group of friends hike into an area known as Lake of the Woods near Frazier Park, California and set up camp. They experience rock throwing into the campsite as well as seeing the shadow of a large being.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in southern California. Having family that lived in a small mountain town called Frazier Park, I was able to frequently get away from the city life and enjoy fresh pines and cool air.

Frazier Park is a typical mountain full of friendly people and nothing too extraordinary happens except maybe a wildfire now and then and rumors of satanic cults. Interestingly enough there is a pentagram spray painted on the wall of a small bridge that crosses a river into Lake of the Woods.

Anyways, I would spend time with my cousins up there at least once a month and we would usually spend one day either hiking or camping. Most of the time it was uneventful, peaceful and full of laughter and good times. But spending that much time out in the woods your odds of encountering something unusual increases.

My two cousins, their friend Edward and I had a 3-day camping trip planned near Lockwood Valley. It was about a 6 mile hike in from a nearby Boy Scout camp and it is thick with pine. The first day was pretty normal. We hiked in, set up camp, cooked our food and talked.

I'm going to estimate about 3 hours passing after we went to sleep, we all woke up to what sounded like rocks hitting the ground. Obviously someone found our camp and was messing with us right? So Edward gets this genius Idea to get out of his tent and start yelling angrily to try to intimidate them. After a few minutes of that he stops and we all just sit there and listen. That's when it struck me, we didn't hear ANYTHING. No crickets, no night birds, nothing. That's also when I noticed that the area smelled incredibly bad, similar to a dead animal, but I suppose that isn't too out of the ordinary.

So we all agree that the person is gone and decide to go back to sleep and forget about it. Edward however still look unnerved and confided with me that he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. I felt it too but rather than spooking everyone I figured it would be better just to sleep it off and get out of there in the morning. Whoever it was hadn't made any sort of move so they must have been gone.

The next day we all woke up having slept undisturbed the rest of the night and cooked/ate breakfast. We didn't mention the events from the night before at all. I guess everyone wanted to just put it behind them which was probably for the best. After all, it probably just another person that decided to mess with us when they happened upon our camp. That day went pretty normal, we hiked, fished, shot at some empty beer cans with an air-soft rifle and so on.

Night 2 came and we weren't as quick to dismiss the events that happened the night before. We agreed to take shifts watching our camp to make sure no one came and stole anything. We also decided to cut our last day short and pack up and leave in the morning. I took the first shift watching our camp. It was very dark and peaceful.

The moon was out which illuminated a good 10 foot radius around our camp, so I had a good idea what was going on around us. Nothing out of the ordinary really happened except that nasty smell came back near the end of my shift. It was my cousin Jade's turn to watch now. So he gets up and I hit the sack and instantly fall asleep.

After some time pass I feel someone tapping me. Its Jade. He whispers to me, "Hey.. I want you to see something. But you need to be absolutely silent and move slowly."

So I get up and peak out the tent and don't really see anything. He says to me, "Look past those two pine trees and tell me what you see." I look and sure enough I see a silhouette of someone crouching. It was so still that you could almost mistake it for a rock or something. However I had visually scanned through this area before going to bed and certainly didn't remember seeing this there.

Now this guy was BIG, probably my height while crouching, going by the height of the tree. It was creepy though because it was just crouching there staring at us, motionless. So I reached back under my covers and grabbed my air-soft rife. Took aim the best I could while under the influence of adrenaline and shot at it. I heard it hit wood so it obviously missed, but that shadow "grunted" and took off running through the woods. You could easily hear the leaves and twigs breaking and a noticeable thud as its feet hit the ground.

We ended up letting my other cousin and their friend sleep the rest of the night and took their shifts watching camp since we were so buzzed up on adrenaline. We didn't tell them the next day either, mostly because we loved to camp and if we let them know what we saw we'd never get them to come back with us into those woods." AF


By Lon Strickler / Author Fortean Researcher

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(Source: phantomsandmonsters.com; September 22, 2020; https://tinyurl.com/y6g2e7ut)
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