Pentagon's UFO debris study manager found, ET connection confirmed

"I know everything about rockets but I don't know what these things are!"

Headlines were recently made worldwide with the Pentagon's release of recovered UFO debris test result documents that were responsive to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. This UFO debris material has the potential to do such amazing things as: change the speed of light, induce invisibility, act as a "memory metal", returning to its original shape when deformed, and to compress electromagnetic energy. More on this can be read here:  And when the Pentagon "backpedaled" that the documents actually concerned a weapons program, a rebuttal to that was made in a follow-up article that can be found here:  And in this third installment of this investigative series, new findings are revealed that strengthen the case that the Pentagon has indeed studied the materials of construction of UFOs and has begun the artful transfer of technology to academia and the private sector:

  • The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) official who managed this UFO (now called UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) study program has been identified. It has been learned that he led an incredible "dual work life" confirming that some ET-inspired research is done under the cover of aerospace and weapons research.

  • His identity, which was redacted in the documents received, has been discovered and he is named here. While working as one of the agency's top rocket scientists, he was at the same time a Pentagon point-person and manager of an official, previously covert UFO study. His aero-work and his UFO work were "blended" together.

  • He confessed to a sitting US Senator that although he was expert in rockets, the technical issues surrounding the UFO confounded him. His experience and comments now confirm that technical UFO study is often done under the guise of advanced aerospace research.

  • The recent statements by a Pentagon spokesperson that the FOIA documents received relate only to a weapons program rather than to a UFO program, are shown to be untrue. They in fact relate to both.

  • And a damning, newly-surfaced government email document shows the deceitful ways in which UFO-related FOIA requests are instructed to be handled by officials. Sue Gogh, the Pentagon's spokesperson who made the dismissive statement about my original article on this, is mentioned in the email. The email makes it clear that her influence on the public - and throughout government - when it comes to UFOs is far-ranging and that she is a master of disinformation and misinformation.


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Dr. James Lacatski, DIA "Rocket Scientist" and UFOlogist

Included in the reply to the FOIA request were technical documents on futuristic materials in development that are believed to be based on retrieved UFOs or pieces of UFOs. The reports received are not on "basic research" which would show the chemical and elemental composition of the material, but are on "applied research." This takes basic research and applies it to developing technical concepts that could one day be made workable in the real world.

Several of the documents have been marked with a "text block" (see below) that reads in part, "This product is one in a series of advanced technology reports produced in FY 2009 under the Defense Intelligence Agency." The reports were developed under contract as a "work product" to the AAWSA, or Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program. This was the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program's (AATIP) former name. The DIA Program Manager's name was redacted from the technical papers received through FOIA. However, in another version of the document reported on by the highly-respected Australian UFO investigator Keith Basterfield, the name of the Program Manager is not deleted. The Program Manager's name is Dr. James Lacatski. Dr. Lacatski helped to review and manage the creation of these documents (or "work products"). And Dr. Lacatski was professionally immersed in UFO study. In fact, as will be shown, Dr. Lacatski's conclusions about UFOs cost him his job.

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Dr. James Lacatski is not a familiar name in the world of UFOs - but it should be. He was a long-time Defense Intelligence Agency senior rocket scientist. Degreed in multiple technical disciplines, Dr. Lacatski was acknowledged as an expert in subjects including advanced concepts for craft and rocket power and propulsion. At the same time, he was the Program Manager for the Pentagon UFO study as predecessor to the now well-known Luis Elizondo.

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Luis Elizondo

Elizondo, who has since retired from service and made many media appearances, is confirmed to have been engaged in an official capacity in the UFO study program with the Pentagon. This study, disclosed in The New York Times in 2017 in an investigative article, ran for several years, was allocated nearly $30m, and has operated under several names.

Elizondo provided clues about Lacatski in a post he made November 1, 2018 on the "To The Stars Academy" website. In it, he suggests that Lacatski was essentially forced out of his position by far-right religious military officials who did not like the extraterrestrial-origin conclusions that Lacatski was drawing about the UFO phenomena. Elizondo relates an extraordinary - but sadly disturbing - story about Lacatski: "Certain senior government officials thought our collection of facts on UAP was dangerous to their philosophical beliefs. In fact, my AATIP predecessor's career was ruined because of misplaced fear by an elite few. Rather than accept the data as provided by a top-rank rocket scientist, they decided the data was a threat to their belief system and instead, destroyed his career because of it."

And support for Lacatski's UFO study involvement has now come from many sources. Roger Glassel, a Swedish UFO researcher who specializes in filing FOIA and an associate of Keith Basterfield, through tracing timelines and published work, have conclusively determined that Lacatski (now retired) was a Program Manager in UFO research. And Glassel states that "AAWSA, if not the same, would seem to be closely related to AATIP." Emmy and Peabody award-winning Las Vegas columnist and TV investigative reporter George Knapp (who is personally well-acquainted with Senator Harry Reid, D-NV, Ret.) confirms that: "Senator Harry Reid and colleagues secured funding for an ongoing study, but it wasn't called AATIP. The original acronym was AAWSAP or Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program." Dr. James Lacatski was the Program Manager for AAWSAP.

Of course, when UFO debris documents produced under the AATIP program name were requested by this author, back came documents stamped as the work of the AAWSA, thus proving that they share the same program missions. And Senator Harry Reid himself has stated in an interview, as reported in The New York Times in 2017, "I received communication from a man who worked for one of the defense agencies, a PhD. He said, 'I know everything about rockets but I don't know what these things are'." Reid was referring to Lacatski. Dr. Lacatski admitted to a then-sitting US Senator that he was both an aeronautical scientist and a UFO government researcher.

And it is known that Lacatski had strong interest in UFO and ET activity and had expressed interest in visiting a famed 550 acre ranch in Utah referred to as the "Skinwalker Ranch" where for over a half-century, paranormal and UFO and orb phenomena are reputed to have occurred. Incredibly, at the time, the ranch was owned by none other that Robert Bigelow, of Bigelow Aerospace, reported by The New York Times to have held UFO debris for storage in "specially modified facilities" under this same AATIP contract.

Over a half-dozen emails and phone calls to the DIA about what was sought in the FOIA request were made in the three and a half years that it took to receive a fulfillment of the request. As mentioned in previous articles, only the words UFO, UAP, Bigelow Aerospace and UFO debris were used in the request - and only those words were used in the DIA's replies to me. And this new finding confirms that understanding:

The fact that it was DIA scientist Dr. James Lacatski who managed the program that produced the technical documents that I received proves that they relate to UFO debris and their applications in aerospace research. Lacatski has refused all approaches by me, opting to not discuss the matter.


Researcher Mark Cecotti recently obtained an internal email that shows just how "orchestrated" and deceiving the Defense Department can be when it comes to UAPs (UFOs). The July 10, 2020 email is from Joe Gradisher, the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, to Jeff Jones of the Navy Office of Information. Gradisher warns Jones about how to reply to UFO/UAP related Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. In the email, reproduced here, certain excerpts stand out:


"...from a Public Affairs perspective, all media inquiries on UAPs go to DOD Public Affairs, Sue Gough (cc'd) ... keeping in the loop, as we coordinate closely. To date, we have not authorized any media interviews on the subject. Make no comment. The nuances of all this are such that any deviations from the statement that DOD makes result in multiple news stories and additional FOIA requests at various levels. If we need to, we'll coordinate with you on specific responses, depending on the questions asked."

"Also, generally speaking, we let the normal FOIA process work as it is supposed to but we have been requesting that FOIA offices coordinate with us on UAP-focused FOIA responses before they hit "reply" so that new terms/language/etc. aren't introduced that complicate the overall messaging efforts. Additionally, there is now a Security Classification Guidance document (at the SECRET) level, that addresses the UAP issue and what may/may not be discussed publicly. Happy to get that to you if you see the need."

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THE DAMNING EMAIL - (To enlarge please use source link below)

Sue Gough, referred to in the email, is the very Pentagon spokesperson who has contradicted the DIA in saying that the FOIA documents released to me, instead of being related to UFOs, related to weapons research. Gough has had a demonstrated and long history of issuing conflicting and confusing statements on UFO/UAP matters.

When one breaks down the salient points of the email, one is appalled at the FOIA games that are played when it comes to UFOs/UAPs:

  • UAP related FOIA inquiries are to be treated with a different process than normal the FOIA process.

  • FOIA offices must coordinate with their superior office on these FOIA requests.

  • All media inquiries on UAPs are to be run through Sue Gough, Pentagon spokesperson. No media interviews have been authorized on the subject and media inquiries are to receive a "no comment".

  • If need be, particularly challenging responses to FOIAs should "coordinate" with the relevant superior office.

  • There is a "guidance document", classified Secret, that outlines what can and what cannot be said about UAPs.

Of course, all of this is very disturbing. But it does help us to know why, after replying about UFO debris tests to a FOIA request using UFO terms, the Pentagon now contradicts its own intelligence agency, maintaining that the sent documents relate to weapons.


As our understanding of the meaning and significance of the "UFO Debris Pentagon Papers" unfolds, we learn that the March of Science has been stepped up by technologies from another world. And this does not minimize the achievements of Man but rather enhances them.


By Anthony Bragalia / UFO Investigator

Anthony Bragalia has long investigated the UFO phenomenon. 
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