Pascagoula and time travel

Just when you think you’ve heard all of the UFO stories from ion and around Pascagoula, Mississippi then something quite extraordinary comes out of the woodwork yet again. While recently discussing the Pascagoula close encounter case online I was contacted by a chap by the name of Rob Collins, this was in early March 2019. For those who are not aware of the Pascagoula case you can find the details here:

I have to say here and now that the gentleman who is making the claims below has been unable to provide any photographs or detailed documentation to prove that he was in the military although he has provided some. As a result, I offer the following to you just the way it was presented to me. I must admit at first I thought I’d got things a little mixed up, was Mr. Collins really talking about ‘time travel’. Well, I hadn’t got things mixed up and yes he was talking about time travel.

Time Travel at Pascagoula?

I may have something on this (Pascagoula close encounter of 1973), in 1974, 1 year to the day after this event, part of Kessler Air Force Base was sealed off. I was a student at a tech school on the base, I was told of a UFO landing in Pascagoula and that the 2 people involved were brought to our base, hence the high security. At the end of that day while riding the base bus shuttle, a civilian car was pointed out to me, as it was dusk, I did not see a lot, however, the next morning, the car was pointed out to me a second time, the car had 1993 tags and a 7-92 inspection sticker from Virginia, where I was from, it later proved to be my car from 1991 with 2 year tags, there is more, mostly in the form of rumors and what I was told directly, but have no ability to verify.

For whatever reason, a car that was made in 1985, that I bought used in 1986, that had an inspection sticker good until the last day of July of 1992, with 1993 tags, that were 2 year tags, meaning the car was from the year 1991, was shown to me in the Keesler Air Force Base motor pool in 1974, relating to a second Pascagoula UFO sighting, I can even date the time frame to about 2 weeks before the Christmas of 1991, oh, the name and type of car, Renault Encore (silver in colour), which means to repeat, do over, and the year it was from 1991, backwards is 1991.The reason I assume the 2 events are somehow tied together, is the sightings were exactly 1 year apart to the day and in the same location.

I woke up on a Saturday, October 12, 1974. I needed detergent to do my clothes for the next week. I waited for the base bus shuttle to take me to the branch exchange. It wasn't running for some reason. I decided to walk, as it was just 1 block from where we marched to school every morning. As I got the road leading from the main gate to the hospital, I noticed an armed guard at every intersection. As we in the student area had been told nothing, I assumed it was an exercise and started to cross the road to the bx (branch exchange store). The nearest armed guard ran over to me and told me the area was sealed off. I then returned to my barracks room and later saw the bus running. I went to down to the stop and got on the bus. The bx was still closed, so I stayed on the bus to return to my barracks. At the hospital stop, a radiology technician I knew got on the bus. As he was a friend of Airman Brewer from Tennessee, and his barracks were across from the hospital, I figured he was going to visit Airman Brewer. I waved him to the back of the bus and asked him if he had any knowledge for the area being sealed off. He told me that a UFO had been sighted the night before in Pascagoula by a couple of campers. He at first thought they were faking or nuts. He was there to take x- rays as part of the exam they were giving the 2 men. They told a story of a UFO landing beside them. The people got out and sat around the camp fire with them. They had a case of beer, so they invited these people to join them. All 4 sat around the campfire all night. The people told them everything. Who they were, where they were from, why they were there, how the craft flew, and the power system, everything. As it became morning, the 2 campers went for the nearest pay phone and reported this. They had been brought to our base for a debriefing, As part of this sounded like the UFO sighting from a year earlier, I didn't know what to believe. That evening, I attempted to get to the bx again. The same radiology tech got on the bus and we rode into the motor pool to wait a few minutes to keep the bus on schedule. He pointed out his little silver car parked there.

The next morning, I got up and saw the bus running on time and got on it. Airman Brewer, who knew the radiology tech got on board. We ran right back into the motor pool and stopped in front of the car. I could see the front and through the back windows. Brewer asked me if I could figure out what the owner was like from the car. I looked the car over carefully. I noted the 93 decals for the year and the car was from Virginia.. I jumped up screaming the car had 93 tags. He calmed me down saying I might have read it wrong. I noted what looked like a strange inspection sticker. The sticker had the date of the next inspection as 7-92. Beside the sticker was another sticker, with later proved to be a Roanoke city personal property tax decal. I was able to see various things in the car as we were slightly above it on the bus. There was a pair of sunglasses (which I still have) and a pad of paper and in the back seat between the seats I saw a briefcase, which I also still have. The car hood had a strange crystal look and a swirl was on it. Brewer told me I didn't have a clue as to what was going on. I can date the car from the facts that, my brother had given me a calendar (the pad) for Christmas of 1991 and one day as I left our house I saw someone had made a swirl in the frost on the hood. This was about 2 weeks from Christmas of 1991. I called my mom a month later to tell her that I would be home during Christmas of 1974. She told me that 1 month earlier, the entire FBI had shown up in Roanoke asking everyone about me. This would have put them arriving in Roanoke the day I saw the car.

In 1977 at Barksdale Air Force Base the rumors started, right after all civilians and people who did not have a secret clearance were removed from our motor pool it was illegal for it to be there. The car had 2 streaks across the hood and top, I understand in the UK the hood is called a bonnet. The bx had closed easily as everyone thought it would not open that Saturday. Oh, while at Barksdale Air Force Base, as an exercise, they ran a geiger counter over us, they found a radiation marker in the small of my back.

I asked Mr Collins a number of questions and he replied pretty quickly:

I will be 67 in April (2019). I was 22 when this happened. Not married and now retired. I now live in Christiansburg, Virginia, which is 35 miles from Roanoke. I was at Keesler Air Force Base for tech training. I phased out and took the option to stay in. From that point, I was stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in their motor pool.

I asked Mr. Collins if he had photos or documents to prove he was in the military.

I wish I had some, we had a few pictures made as a flight in basic training, but all I had are lost, all I have left is a casual blue belt, and my dog tags. At the time, our social security numbers were used as our id numbers on our dog tags. This was from 1974 onward, perhaps earlier. I had a person tell me that they had different numbers but were told that they were going to switch the numbers to use the social security numbers. I also have a few rank patches from my highest rank, Staff Sargent which is in the Air Force. I was subject to going to Vietnam but lucked out as they were returning troops home at that time. Later I was told by my first Sargent at Barksdale that I was banned from ever leaving the country as it would jeopardize national security. I am trying to get people to realize what is happening. So, this would be great. Now, one person I really want to find is this Airman Brewer who was from McNeil county in Tennessee. So, if you could point this out. One of your readers might be able to find him. We went by last names, so I don't recall his first name. He was close friends with the radiology technician who told me the UFO story and pointed out the car that Saturday evening.

After reading this I put a few more questions to Mr. Collins, like what happened to the car and why were the FBI interested in him.

As for the car in 1974, it was parked in the base motor pool. As students, I was told we could not leave the bus in the motor pool. We drove away from the car after a few minutes. The car was just never there after that. The FBI was not looking for me. They were doing a massive security background check for some weird reason. Now, as for my car in 1991, I was to get it inspected in 6-91 so the sticker should have read 6-92, but in 91 my car failed inspection. When they got the parts to fix it, it was now 7-91 so they put the 7-92 sticker on it as the car in 1974 had. Oddly, on fixing the car, they broke the part of the speedometer that showed miles traveled. From then on, someone could have taken it and drove it around the world, and I would never have known.

Now, as far as any connection to the UFO. Someone had told me that you could travel in time, but a spacecraft would have to be used. This comment to me by itself means nothing. But, on that Saturday, half of our base was sealed off. This radiology technician told me the reason was a UFO sighting. Next. the same airman pointed out the car on Saturday evening as if to make sure I saw it. Then, the next morning, Airman Brewer pointed out the same car in the morning sunlight, so I was able to get a better view. A UFO had been sighted that day near the base. It was described as cigar shaped, about 20 feet in diameter and about 100 feet long. Weeks later, someone made an odd comment that the back bay of Kessler Air Force Base was large enough to hide an entire fleet of submarines. Putting all this together, I figured, the car would have been brought in via a cigar or sub shaped spacecraft moved to the motor pool and then removed. I figure that would have been the reason that my mom had said that the entire FBI showed up in Roanoke, taking 2 weeks to do a massive security background check. For a secret clearance, which I had applied for, this was way too much and too expensive to do this. Thousands of people need and have such clearances and to perform a background check as extensive as what I was told, would have long ago, bankrupted the government. The statement about the UFO sighting from the airman was in reference to a sighting in the Pascagoula area, which occurred exactly 1 year earlier.

It is not my intention to offer any really critical comments one way or the other. I must admit that I am sceptical, but I’ll leave it at that and allow you to make up your own mind. I’m not a great believer in time travel however, some years ago I interviewed Dr Michu Kaku who explained to me how time travel can work, so who am I to argue. Mr. Collins has asked for those that were involved with this event to please come forward. He has lost contact with them and they can contact me, and I will pass details on to Mr. Collins. Was there a UFO landing in Pascagoula in 1974 and if so why would a car from the future be brought back in time to Keesler Air Force Base? Well, your guess is as good as mine.


By Philip Mantle / Flying Disk Press Publisher

Philip Mantle is a long-standing UFO researcher and author from the UK. He was formerly the Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and the MUFON Representative for England. He is the founder of FLYING DISK PRESS and can be contacted at:

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