Mothman / dark humanoid recently encountered along Ohio River near Chesapeake, OH

A woman is driving with friends along the Ohio River near Chesapeake, OH when she observes a tall dark shrouded humanoid. She later encounters the same being when driving by the same area not long later.

The following account was recently posted by a Facebook user. I have contacted this witness in hope of discussing the encounter.

"This is kind of a long story but the creepiest thing happened to me and I really need to tell this story while the details are still fresh in my mind. Although I'm pretty certain I'll never forget it, for some reason I feel like this is important and I need to share.

Last night (May 31 - June 1, 2020) I went to Chesapeake, OH to a friend's house to play music and sing. We jammed until around 3:00 am.

When we left we headed towards Proctorville, OH to take the bridge into Huntington WV. That stretch of road runs alongside the Ohio River. It is dark and there aren't many street lights. So it was dark and last night, it was cold.

We were talking and trying to get the heat going when all of a sudden a tall black figure appeared seemingly out of nowhere on the side of the road, literally right beside my door (passenger side). We were going around 50-60 mph and this thing didn't budge.

I felt it though. No other way to explain it except that it was so close to my door that I felt it. And what I felt was 'wrong.' It was sinister and did not come from a place of good.

It looked like it was about 7-8 feet tall. We were in a pick-up truck, a Dodge Ram I believe. It was so tall that my friend, who was driving, said maybe it was a road work sign with a black tarp draped over it. It was taller than the truck. It looked shrouded, almost like it had wings but they were wrapped around its body. It appeared out of nowhere and it seemed like it leaned towards the truck as we passed by it. So close that I felt it. Like in my soul and in my skin. So close that if my window had been down I could've touched it. It made me actually shiver as we drove by it. I am an empath and I'm telling you this thing sent me everything it had and it had nothing but darkness to send. I've never felt anything that creepy before. Like to the core. We were both shaken by it. I still am.

My friend wanted to turn around and go back to see what it was. I did not.

Fast forward a little bit. We get to the bridge and of course, its closed. So we end up having to turn around and go back towards Chesapeake. Which meant we had to go back through that same stretch of road again. And right as we are getting ready to pass another car that thing comes out from behind the car and looked like it was floating or gliding across the road. And it crouched down almost like it was getting ready to pounce or take off. It was then I could see the top of its head which was shiny and black.

My friend said maybe it was a person on a skateboard because of the way it was gliding or floating in the middle of the road. They then proceeded to say that was some Jeepers Creepers sh*t!

All I know is this. It was not a 7 ft person dressed in all black at 3:00 in the morning. This was not human. It was evil and I hope I never experience it again.

Has anyone else seen this figure? If so please let me know. I need to discuss what happened.

Stay safe friends." JC - Facebook post

NOTE: This area along the Ohio River is approximately 50 miles downstream from Point Pleasant, WV. I have received several encounter / sighting accounts of Mothman / winged humanoids in this area for over 3 decades. Lon


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