Massive red-eyed winged cryptid encountered near Palmerton, Pennsylvania

A eastern Pennsylvania resident encountered a massive red-eyed, bat-winged cryptid while driving late at night. The witness also heard the flapping wings after they stopped and got out.

This account was recently forwarded to me:

"in 2016, I lived in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and worked in Palmerton. I worked the late shift so I'd get out of work at 10 PM. One night, as I was heading home late because of overtime (I think it was about 1 AM), I was driving down the road at these coordinates (Location of sighting: 40°53'26"N 75°30'55"W). I saw two red dots of light from far away, but they seemed to be approaching my car very quickly. I slow down and suddenly these massive bat or dragon-like leather wings come gliding with a single "flap" motion just over my car. It was so surreal and happened extremely quickly, but I didn't see its face or body details. It was a new moon and there's only my headlights out there. I slammed on the brakes and get out but it's just total darkness and this thing was BLACK. I'd say its wingspan was about 10 or 11 feet. I've seen a condor before and it was pretty much that size. Just massive. But I could hear it flying away after I stopped and got out. There was just no moonlight so I couldn't see it, but it sounded like when you spread a sheet out on a bed or throw a tarp over something.

I've only told three people this story, but I figure I might as well post it somewhere so people can try to get a pic or something. It'd be cool to see it again.

Writing this post helped me consider any alternative explanations, and I'm willing to consider this as a possibility, since it was so fast a sighting. It just seemed larger than 5.5 feet, but I didn't have anything nearby to gauge the size with. The wings looked leathery because of the reflection of my headlights on preened black wings, which lack the white flight feathers of turkey vultures. It would also explain why the red eyes were near the road and then flew above my car" PW

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