Man sees creature in Uruguay UFO

URUGUAY — A man claims he saw an “entity” inside a UFO.

The anonymous man, who wrote the message in Spanish, said he was walking home when he noticed the cigar-shaped object.

“I looked up and saw a ship. It was huge,” he wrote last week about the 2005 sighting.

The eyewitness described the flying object as having a few windows. He did not specify whether the incident took place during day or night.

“I could see an entity inside,” he added, not giving further details about its physical features. “It dematerialized after a minute or so… it was incredible. I never saw it again.”

He claims he tried to use his Motorola V3 in order to capture the event on camera but that he didn’t have enough time.

“I would like to know more details but I don’t have them,” he added in the short MUFON report, requesting help about the incident.

The city of Maldonado is located along the coast of southern Paraguay and has a population of 63,000.

UFO appearances in the South American continent have been copiously reported since the early 60s.

Last year, a video captured the moment an unidentified flying object came close to collision with one of Chile’s Army planes.

In 2016, a family in Argentina claimed to have seen a humanoid creature.

In 2015, a father and his son captured the images of what they referred to as a ‘UFO fleet’ in Peru, resembling the infamous 1997 sighting known as the Phoenix Lights in Arizona.

In 2014, multiple witnesses claimed they saw a humanoid-type creature hovering over the beaches of Necochea, Argentina.


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