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On Saturday evening 11/07/2020 @ 6:44pm EST I observed a UFO Pulsating Disk about 30 degrees coming from the east moving west.

It had no beacon lights, white , red or green. UFO Sighting was moving about 200 knots about 4-5 thousand foot up. Eventually stopped over my neighbor & I. We had a campfire going and it seemed to hover over us. It then sped up back to about 200 knots then flew off at a tremendous speed into nowhere. My neighbor and his wife also witnessed the UFO Sighting. I am the owner of two advanced telescopes. UFO Sighting was a round pulsating orb/disc that was glowing an orange / yellow color. Since I was 10 years old I have been looking at the night sky as well as the sun. I am now 58 years old and this is my first UFO Sighting I ever had. When I was young I have seen Apollo-Soyuz, the shuttle, ISS, countless asteroids ad of course I have a number of satellites I watch on a continuous basis. I have never seen anything like this. It scared the heck out of myself and my neighbor & his wife.

mufon cms# 112335 Canal Winchester Ohio 11/07/20 Region has had 3,058 Reported UFO Sightings to date.



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