Landed craft with beings seen by military pilot

Location. Zvolen, Czechoslovakia (Slovakia)

Date: October 27 1954 Time: evening

Czechoslovakian military pilot, Daniel Lazarik, (involved in other encounters) was visiting the village with a fellow serviceman, Andrey, to pick up clothing and other supplies, as they walked by a fenced-in soccer field they heard what appeared to be children’s voices in some kind of foreign language. Daniel thought they were Korean children on a visit to Czechoslovakia, so he decided to greet them. He grabbed the top of the fence and was getting ready to vault over onto the field when he was shocked to see, sitting in the middle of the field, a large metallic disc-shaped object. The craft had apparently landed on several metallic strut-like protuberances. Around the object milled a group of short white-colored figures, about 150-160cm in height. Incredibly, the group seemed to be busy performing exercises and otherwise entertaining themselves. Attempting to get their attention, Daniel yelled out, “Hey!” At that moment, the activity stopped abruptly and the figures as if on command turned in unison to look at Daniel. Moments later they quickly lined up and stood on a platform directly under the disk, they were then drawn back into the disk. The disk then rose and flew towards the northeast at high speed, Andrey also saw the disk. Several days later while performing training exercises over Piestany Daniel saw a dark metallic disc-shaped object with a pointed turret maneuvering over the area.

HC addendum



By Albert S. Rosales / Unusual Phenomena Researcher

Born in Cuba, migrated to the US in 1966.
Had several unusual incidents as a young man while living inCuba, such incidents continued as an adult here in the US. Became interested in unusual phenomena and UFOs at a young age but soon directed my focus to the crux of the phenomena, the Humanoids, entities, extraterrestrials, Ufonauts, etc. Began collecting data on such encounters from worldwide sources in the late 80's. Have a current
database of over 18,000 entries which is updated and corrected daily have published four books so far, and expecting more soon.

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