Humanoid horror: What are people seeing out there?

The stuff nightmares are made of, and it's real life. Tall thin humans howling like wolves, pale white humanoids and an occasional glimmering entity. What have you seen?

I recently found the following personal encounter accounts on social media:

"I’ve heard of many humanoid creatures/legends, but this one has me stumped. The last time I visited home, my 60 year old stepfather shared this experience he supposedly had quite a while ago but had never shared before. Since then I’ve thought about it quite a bit, and I get the most chilling feeling. I also want to mention that my stepdad is a very stoic, no-nonsense, extremely intelligent, logical person. Hearing this from him shocked me. Here’s his story:

My parents live in Southern Maryland. One day around dusk my stepdad was driving home from work along a highway that is lined by forests not far from our home. While driving he saw two tall, pale, slender figures emerge from the forest. He said they looked at least 8 feet tall, and that their bodies appeared to be exoskeletons. As he drove by he said that one of them looked at the car, and he felt as if it was looking at him right in the eye. When he looked in the rear view mirror they were quickly retreating to the forest.

What the hell did he see? Is there any lore to back this up?" JK

:A few years back my boyfriend was on his job site and he called me late explaining that he had seen something that looked like it was trying to “cloak” itself but failing to. Kind of glitching in a way. It was near a hedge and he told me he could clearly see the outline of what appeared to be a human figure. He said it was there and then it was gone almost as soon as he looked away.

I have had recurring dreams of see through, or “mirror people” that have become unsettling and stressful to the point I don’t want to sleep and this has only been happening recently (last 2 months) They are all basically the same. I’m in the river near my home, surrounded by these beings or creatures, and I feel very vulnerable and scared. It’s so realistic it’s almost like a lucid dream or OBE. Very strange and happens weekly.

The topping that made me want to post, is that last night my boyfriend has seen this weird translucent thing again after years of not seeing it or thinking of it. Now, I haven’t told him about my dreams and still don’t plan to just yet so I find this timing to be so odd and a bit frightening. I’m a HUGE believer in almost all other worldly things so I’m a bit on edge.

He said it was by our back hedge against the fence, and there was a clear outline of where it was standing. He said it glimmered and it’s body kind of waved, he described it as looking at a reflection of our hedge in water. He has been backing up slowly from it and when he glanced away for a second it was gone. He then came into the room and woke me up and I’ll admit he looked really concerned and a bit terrified, and he’s not one to really believe in these things.

Has anyone had any experiences or have heard of this? I’ve found one article with a google search of a few witness accounts of almost identical creatures but nothing substantial. I’m very curious about this and am dying to figure out what it could be." ES

"So I live in an apartment, northern Michigan, and this happened ten years ago. It was early summer, my pug dog woke me at around 2 am to go out to potty. While I'm standing out with him as he does his business, I notice that a neighbor across the way was having a party, but the sounds were muffled as their windows must've been closed. I found this odd, it was a weeknight, and surprised their neighbors weren't complaining of the noise. There was a group of 5 people standing across in the parking lot, I thought nothing of it until I realized these people were really tall. And thin. So tall and thin that it wasn't normal at all, so of course I was staring in their direction. They noticed my staring and four of them bolted to the right into darkness, while the other ran to the left running behind a building, and under a street light and I could see it very well. Not only super tall and skinny, but ran unnaturally fast and awkward. Then I heard what sounded like a wolf howl. And as they dispersed, the "party sound" immediately stopped. Of course pug and I ran back inside and locked the door. I've witnessed many paranormal events and have no problem sharing details with others, but not this event. It was too odd. I still have no clue what that was." AS


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