Humanoid figure in Pennsylvania field

Location. Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Date: June 4 2005 Time: 09:00 a.m.

This event occurred in a very rural area of western Mercer County, in western Pennsylvania. The main witness, a 14-year old boy was visiting his friend on a farm and [as1] the two boys were taking an early morning walk through a field some distance behind the farmhouse. The weather was clear, sunny, and hot. They had stopped momentarily to discuss their direction when the main witness noticed something stand up from the tall grass less than 25 ft from them. It was a humanoid-looking figure, 5-foot 5-inches tall. A dull white in color, no obvious clothing, a large head, no noticeable eyes, nose, or mouth, described as gaunt and gangly looking. The main witness yelled at the second witness to look, and at that moment the humanoid began running on 2 legs toward some nearby woods. Its speed was unusually fast for a 2 legged creature. The woods were about 40 ft away, and when it reached them, it crouched down to go under a strand of barbed wire and lifted its hands to part the brush under the wire. The boys could see it attempting to hide behind some heavier brush and in doing so caused the brush to shake violently. They waited about 10 minutes, being very curious but also very afraid. They cautiously crept up to where the being had hidden, but found nothing. They searched around for a while but then began to feel very “creepy”, so they went back to the house and obtained a .22 rifle and went for a further search of the woods. While searching the area they found peculiar footprints in the area where they had seen the being. The footprints were very difficult to describe according to the witness and the source. The night following the event the main witness had a very long, strange, and vivid dream about the death of a close friend of his, which disturbed him. The following day in the late afternoon on the same farm, the second witness older brother and his girlfriend were alone in the farmhouse.

Both are about 18 years of age and had been arguing when the girl walked out of the house into the backyard to calm down. She was a good distance from the house when a young deer (perhaps a fawn) walked out of the field towards her. It came so close to her that she could almost touch it. She watched the deer for about 10minutes and then went back inside the house. The argument started up again, so the girl walked out of the house again and saw the young deer lying in the yard. It was badly clawed or cut, bloody and obviously dead. Terrified she ran back into the house, got her boyfriend, and went back out very quickly only to find the deer was now gone. The grass in the lawn and the field was flattened as if a large animal had attacked the deer and dragged it away. There were footprints on the lawn, and the original 14year old witness seems to think they were similar to the footprints he had found at the time of his humanoid encounter.

HC addendum

Source: Jason Van Hoose [email protected] Type: E

The bizarre mutilation of the unfortunate deer has so far not been connected to the humanoid encounter of the day before, but it seems more than coincidence.

[as1] According to the source the main witness showed some signs of emotional distress, saying that the event had frightened him and deeply concerned him.


By Albert S. Rosales / Unusual Phenomena Researcher

Born in Cuba, migrated to the US in 1966.
Had several unusual incidents as a young man while living inCuba, such incidents continued as an adult here in the US. Became interested in unusual phenomena and UFOs at a young age but soon directed my focus to the crux of the phenomena, the Humanoids, entities, extraterrestrials, Ufonauts, etc. Began collecting data on such encounters from worldwide sources in the late 80's. Have a current
database of over 18,000 entries which is updated and corrected daily have published four books so far, and expecting more soon.

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