Giant luminous shape-shifting humanoid at University of Wisconsin Arboretum

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Date: May 19 2000 Time: sunset

Todd Mccabe was hiking an hour after sunset in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum when he rounded a bend in the large trail and saw a giant luminous humanoid, nearly seven-feet tall with its back to him walking down the trail. It was fifteen feet away, and he could see its massive muscles in its legs, buttocks and back. The width of its shoulders was at least four feet across. During the five-minute sighting its luminosity did not reach the brush flanking the trail, or the ground as it walked. It was a light that only revealed its source.

Mccabe came to a stop in shock. After a few moments, he started walking backwards, hoping it did not turn around and see him. Once out of the creature’s line of sight, before he took a step, his resolve to run changed. He tiptoed to the bend, he peered around the foliage to see if it was still there. To his odd delight, it was roughly twenty feet further than when he had originally seen it. Seemingly oblivious it was being watched, he noticed something odd about its walk. Whichever was the weight bearing leg, slid back, and for every stride it lost a third of its advance. The ground was dry, so there is no accounting for this slide. As it continued down the trail, something was happening. Its appearance was changing. It was becoming less three-dimensional, and flatter. Like a two-dimensional image on paper. The figure was so large that it mitigated the distance between it and Todd.

Feeling he was in no danger, Todd stepped boldly out on the trail. The giant luminous humanoid stopped and turned around. It seemed to Todd that his vision had done a leap forward, or better put, the distance between them remained the same, but it appeared ten to fifteen feet in front of him. The face was vaguely human, but the area around the mouth protruded like an ape. It had dark pools where its eyes should had been, and he could not see any nose or ears. It then slowly turned around and resumed walking. Todd then became distracted by shards of light that were every color of the rainbow in his peripheral vision. He looked at the source, it was some distance between the both of them and beneath the treetops. He likened it to a brilliant light set in a cave that illuminated a stack of uniform boulders. He was at an angle so he couldn’t see the source of the light. In those few seconds the shape changing phase of the giant luminous humanoid had obviously accelerated. Its final form had three distinct parts. The humanoid shape was flat blue with ragged edges, next was a thin outline in black, and finally, a two-toned blue outline. The head had two blue orbs for eyes. It was now a flat, two-dimensional image. The brilliant light vaguely lit a distorted tunneling going from the ground and up towards it. The shape-shifting humanoid then turned off-trail towards it. Strangely he could still see it even though there were trees between them. As he walked up the tunneling, its lower half dissolved, and when it reached the light, it disappeared. According to Todd he spent the next six years, at all hours of the night, in all seasons and weather looking for this creature, and saw nothing.

HC addendum

Source: Direct from Todd Mccabe Type: E


By Albert S. Rosales / Unusual Phenomena Researcher

Born in Cuba, migrated to the US in 1966.
Had several unusual incidents as a young man while living inCuba, such incidents continued as an adult here in the US. Became interested in unusual phenomena and UFOs at a young age but soon directed my focus to the crux of the phenomena, the Humanoids, entities, extraterrestrials, Ufonauts, etc. Began collecting data on such encounters from worldwide sources in the late 80's. Have a current
database of over 18,000 entries which is updated and corrected daily have published four books so far, and expecting more soon.

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