Ghost hunters forced to abandon investigation after chilling discovery

Chris and Adam said they became increasingly unnerved after hearing voices and footstep where the ghost of a 13-year-old had been spotted

Ghost hunters were forced to abandon their investigation after hearing footsteps under an old railway bridge.

Growing up in the area, the Ralla in Gateacre was a familiar place for Chris Cummings, but at the age of 13, he said he saw a little girl in a white dress "run past" before she "disappeared into thin air". Having since had a "pull" to the place, Chris - now 45 - has returned with his friend Adam Billing to see if they could see any supernatural goings-on.

Chris, who is a retail customs officer, met primary school teacher Adam two years ago when they were both part of a ghost hunting group. But after the pandemic put a halt on their activities, they decided to set up their own 'Haunted Scouse' YouTube channel, exploring Liverpool's spookiest places.

What began as a hobby, Chris and Adam wanted to share Liverpool's important history and it has grown from strength to strength as they visit places right across Liverpool and Wirral. But on their latest episode, they went back to the Ralla, along the old Liverpool Loop Line.

Chris told the ECHO: "It's really close to me, I grew up next to it I had to go back there, when I was 13 I saw a little girl run past me and it was only afterwards I realised she probably was a ghost. When we went back, you could feel someone walking alongside you, you never felt like you were alone."

Using specialist equipment that tries to give spirits a voice to communicate, Chris said certain words were coming through such as "Jones" when they passed Jones Farm Road and the word "door" when a car door slammed shut. The 45-year old said: "They are random words that seem like they have no relevance, but it was happening at the time. It's like a spirit was walking alongside us."

Chris and Adam visit Liverpool and Wirral's spookiest places (Image: Haunted Scouse)

Sharing their video on their YouTube channel, the pair took viewers on a trip with them as they walked from The Nook to Lydiate Lane and back at 2am in the morning. But one particularly spooky moment was the sound of footsteps under the old railway bridge which was "unnerving".

Chris said: "We know the difference between a person's footsteps and an animal. There seemed to be something moving around us and banging and that's actually how we ended the episode because it did unnerve us.

"There was a lot of activity around us, there was no-one else around because they would have needed a light to be able to see, there was just the two of us. People have since been contacting us about their stories of similar experiences, it's getting people talking."

Chris and Adam now have plans to visit more spooky places across Liverpool and Wirral as they urge people to get in touch with their suggestions of places to investigate. Having already visited Woolton Hall and St James' cemetery, they are keen to explore the scariest areas of the region.

Chris added: "It all started in the pandemic, we went out and began filming outdoor areas and that's where Haunted Scouse came along. Our original plan was to choose five locations each, where we've heard spooky stories and bring those to life.

"We wanted to see if those scary stories are just as scary as an adult so off we went and we got a following. But then we started filming in pubs as well which brought back a lot of memories for people too, we were able to film because they were closed due to the pandemic.

"This is something we have always been interested in. We are both married with kids and full-time jobs but it's something we enjoy doing and it's about promoting the history Liverpool has to offer. That's what we've wanted to do since day one."

The full video can be found via their YouTube channel here, or more information about next locations or to contact the pair can be found on their Facebook page.


By Aaliyah Rugg / Liverpool Echo Reporter
(Source:; July 16, 2022;
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