GAIA TV Director exposes Corey Goode-David Wilcock, and apologises for large-scale hoax

This is the first episode of a new series that will examine the very nature of Reality. In today's episode we investigate the curious case of Corey Goode. Corey Goode came forth four years ago with wild stories of being in the Secret Space Program (SSP), meeting beings from the Underground and many other adventures.

The musings by Corey Goode were played out on a TV show Cosmic Disclosure. The Producer of Cosmic Disclosure was Jay Weidner. In this episode Jay Weidner reveals the truth behind the Corey Goode Enigma and he explains why he does NOT believe Corey Goode. Indeed after four years of testimony Corey Goode has produced zero witnesses and zero evidence. his predictions of a 'data dump' have not come true now, four years later. In this series we will examine in great detail, the words and actions of Corey Goode and his fellows in the Sphere Being Alliance.


(Source:; May 8, 2019;
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