French woman tries to grab being standing near flying saucer

Location. Choisy Le Roi, Ile de-France, France

Date: middle of February 1956 Time: 21:30

One night in mid-February the 41-year-old female witness was driving back alone in her car to Fresne from Choisy-le-Roi, along the 186 (B-class road at the time) after visiting her parents. In those days, the No. 7 A-class road was very different from now. It was being widened, and there is a roundabout there now.

She was about to start crossing the bridge over the No. 7. On the left hand was an inn --- gone now. On the right, she had to pass up a slight incline, and it was at that point that she spotted something bright and shining, white, phosphorescent. There was a faint hissing noise that seemed to be connected with the object, which was suspended at maybe some 20 centimeters or so off the ground of some waste land. She pulled up so she could get a closer look. And she noticed a ‘person’ about 1m 30 or so high moving about near it. And there came into her mind the thought of flying saucer, of which there was occasional talk in the newspapers, and she got the sudden idea that maybe if she could grab an occupant and take him to the newspapers---what a fine thing that would be for her. The figure was small and thin and to her it would seem that he would not be “hard to carry!”

So there and then she opened her boot and got it ready to put her ‘precious’ captive into it. And enchanted with her idea she proceeded to try to pull it out.

By now around the machine there were eight of them, engrossed in looking at something or other on the ground. The object had the shape of a flattened pumpkin, with luminous facets that doubtless were windows. And she noticed two more of the beings, inside the machine. The others, outside, seemed to be studying the waste ground there. When they saw that, with no signs of fear, she was approaching them, they were off, as quick as rabbits into an opening in the base of the craft. The last one of them --- the one she was aiming to grab --- turned around and fixed his big black eyes on her intensely, as if wanting to say something. But just as she thought she was about to get him, a beam of light shot out from one of the windows on the upper part of the machine and engulfed her and paralyzed her on the spot. She couldn’t move any part of her except her eyes. And it was only then, for the first time, that she really began to be scared.

It is difficult to judge time during such conditions, so she doesn’t know how long this lasted. But they had all gone into the machine, and then the brightness of the light beam started to fade, and she was able to back away and escape to her car. She got back to the car, and sat there, waiting. She doesn’t know whether it was through fear of because she had been paralyzed again, for once more she couldn’t move. She clearly heard a sort of scraping noise that sounded ‘metallic’ and was therefore no doubt their door closing. She went on waiting for a while --- ten minutes or so, maybe. Her car was parked on the grass verge beside the road, and she was desperately anxious to be gone. But she couldn’t operate the gears and was totally unable to leave. Then suddenly the hissing noise from the machine became intensely louder, and it slowly started to rise until it was at the height of the tops of the big plane trees ringing the Choisy-le-Roi Road. The machine stopped momentarily, and then took off at top speed. To start with, the entire craft turned orange, and then passed to red as its speed increased. Immediately she was able to start the car, and she didn’t even stop to see in which direction the machine had gone.

Panic now caught up with her, and she decided to turn back and return to her parents in Choisy and arrived there gasping and poured out her whole story to them. Her father told her, ‘Above all don’t tell anyone about it. You have your job to think of’. According to the witness, after the encounter she found that she was no longer quite the same as she had been. She was now more assured --- even more intelligent. Every time she came to a crossroads when driving her car, she now knew what was going to come from other directions. She also experienced premonitory dreams, with exact scenes, places, and subsequently she would encounter those precise places.

According to the witness the beings appeared to have been wearing grayish blue tightly fitting one-piece combination garments. They had large and quite protuberant black eyes; almost no nose, but their nostril holes were visible, and they had a slit where we have a mouth. And she said, ‘They were slim --- as though they had no muscles. I did not get a good view of their legs, but what I am sure of is that they had two arms, longer in proportion than is normal with us, and also that their heads were proportionately bigger than ours”. She confirmed her description of the craft, circular, flattened on top and below, the central part luminous and white, but not glaring. The other parts a “metallic gray”.

HC addition # 2069

Source: Claude Raffy citing Genevieve Vanquelef

FSR Vol. 42 # 3


By Albert S. Rosales / Unusual Phenomena Researcher

Born in Cuba, migrated to the US in 1966.
Had several unusual incidents as a young man while living inCuba, such incidents continued as an adult here in the US. Became interested in unusual phenomena and UFOs at a young age but soon directed my focus to the crux of the phenomena, the Humanoids, entities, extraterrestrials, Ufonauts, etc. Began collecting data on such encounters from worldwide sources in the late 80's. Have a current
database of over 18,000 entries which is updated and corrected daily have published four books so far, and expecting more soon.

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