Farmer in California claims he saw a Bigfoot family running...

...on his ranch in the middle of the night

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. — A farmer in California claims to have seen a Bigfoot family running on his ranch in the middle of the night.

Jeffrey Gonzalez told KMPH that he isn’t surprised that the unnamed farmer saw five or six sasquatches near Avocado Lake in Fresno County.

“One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder. And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said there have been three Bigfoot sightings, all in the same area in East Fresno County.

There have even been several Bigfoot-related incidents in North Carolina.

A group reported a sighting in McDowell County last year. In 2015, a man claimed his pet Yorkie saved him from a Sasquatch in Henderson County.

A North Carolina woman even claims to have invented a spray that will attract Bigfoot. There’s also a Bigfoot museum in Littleton that documents the alleged sightings.


(Source:; August 11, 2018;
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