Fae folk encounters, dreams & the unexplained

Several experiencers describe their encounters with Fae and similar beings. One particular account seems to suggest that dreams of fairy folk may transcend into the real world.

I recently came across the following accounts:

"This happened in a restaurant near our town. We are there for a family reunion. The restaurant has a second floor and we are at the second floor.

It started as a very normal night to something really bizarre. It happened for about 5-6 years ago. I had just finished eating my food and I didn't know that the window in front of me is very wide open. When I look at it I saw a Fairy or it could be a Pixie who passes by the window. It is 7-8 inches long, very thin, with a little old man's face, bald and I most certainly remember how big his wings are. My cousin actually saw it too but she told me she only saw its wings.

I know this story is ridiculous but this is the reason why I believe to the supernatural beings now.

By the way, I look where the Fairy or Pixie came from and it came from the garden at the bottom. The garden is actually really beautiful with some Gnome statue on it. The back of the restaurant is a forest and that's what the Fairy or Pixie goes to when I saw him since the window in front of me is close to the back of the restaurant.

I know i sounded really crazy here but I'm just saying what I saw that day that change the way I view our world right now." Name withheld


"I saw something like this on a bike trail once! I thought I was crazy. It was about 6 inches long at my best guess with blue colored wings and humanoid. It flew zig zag...erratic, almost like a drunk bumble bee. It was the movement that caught my eye more than anything else and because it was such an off flying pattern.

My friend also saw it and focused in on it and saw the wings and humanoid form. It disappeared into the brush on the other side of the trail! First and last time I’ve ever seen one. I never talk about it because it does sound crazy." C


"I was standing near a very wooded area near my house one evening and kept hearing little footsteps just inside the woods. I wasn’t able to see too much because of it turning dark so I grabbed my phone and turned the flash on and snapped a few pics. In 2 different pics, small eyes reflected from my flash! They were ankle height. I had placed a fairy door nearby at the base of a tree, a few months earlier. Told my kids that they were fairies! But seriously have no idea what they could’ve been." B


"I just wanted to share this story and see if anyone has had a similar experience. I haven’t really told any friends about this because I’m worried they’ll think I’m insane. Anyway, I grew up in sort of a hectic household (my mother is wonderful by my father was incredibly abusive). I have a sister who is 2 years older than me and for most of our childhood we would have the same reoccurring dreams that involved us going to this fairy world.

I’m in my twenties now and honestly don’t remember a lot of the details and looking back it seems totally insane we would be having the same dreams, but at the time we didn’t think anything of it. I do vividly remember how we would spend our days talking about all the things we did with the fairies the night before and all the things we would do when the fairies came to pick us up that night and take us to their world. This went on for a few years, some times months would go by without any fairies, then we would have the same “dream” again where they picked us up and brought us to their world. I know this sounds completely unbelievable and honestly I didn’t think about it for years, I had just chalked it all up to childhood imagination, forgot about it, and moved on with my life.

Then I met my beautiful friend I’ll refer to as T. T is this extremely ethereal non-binary person who is incredibly stunning and just has the warmest energy ever. They consider themselves clairvoyant and have given extremely accurate readings to some of our mutual friends. I’ve never been a sceptic really, but have also always taken these sorts of things with a grain of salt. T and I started hanging out a lot but never really talked about anything paranormal. We actually spent more time talking about our crushes and making jokes about reality TV and stuff, so I definitely never told them anything about the fairies (and at the point that this happened I had never told anyone, and my sister and I hadn’t talked about it since we were kids).

This is why I was so surprised when one night we were hanging out and they said literally out of nowhere “so tell me about the fairies.” I nearly fainted. I asked what they were talking about and they said “the ones who visited you and your sister. They’re still watching you, you know.” I immediately burst into tears and told them everything. Then I called my sister and she started freaking out too. She said she remembered everything about the fairies and she couldn’t believe it! I even called my mom and she said she remembered us talking about the fairies and she always thought it was strange we would have the same dreams.

Honestly I know this sounds insane but I swear on my life this is all true. I never thought fairies were real at all but this has changed everything and has me questioning a lot, but I really don’t know how to talk to anyone about it without them thinking I’ve lost my mind. It just seems too coincidental that my sister and I would have this shared experience and then someone else would bring it up years later. I’m so confused." SA

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