Facts and figures about the real crop circle phenomenon

Science explained in a clear and easy to understand manner: 94% of all the crop circles that were studied scientifically turned out to be NOT man-made.

11 Anomalies summed up, from 'blown nodes' to 'ghost formations' and much more... Plus some extras, like the 'lay' of the crop, formations in snow and trees (!) and an intact bird's nest.

Janet Ossebaard a crop circle researcher of over two decades, explains her discoveries.




By Janet Ossebaard / Crop Circle Researcher

Since 1994 Janet Ossebaard is actively involved in crop circle research and the alien phenomena. Janet is national and international recognized as an authority in this field and she organizes presentations around the world and regularly publishes new books and articles in leading magazines and Web magazines. 

(Source: youtube.com; December 6, 2017; https://is.gd/nlyqnU)
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