Facing scrutiny from legit news, Secureteam 10 flees

At the end of July, 2018 I received the following email out of the blue:

Hey! I’m Austin Weinstein, a tech reporter at Bloomberg News. I’ve been chatting a bit with some folks in the UFO spotting commmunity, and Tyler of Secureteam comes up a lot. I know that some people are very vocal that he’s not the most positive force for the community — I was hoping to chat with you about his influence and role. Do you think you’d have some time to chat with me soon?

I’m accustomed to getting email intended for Tyler Glockner, producer of the UFO hoax YouTube channel Secureteam 10. I have no idea how that happens, but it’s usually a Secureteam fan asking a question. This time, however, it was a legit news outlet asking *about* Tyler.

In subsequent weeks we emailed back and forth, and I learned he was working on an episode for the Bloomberg News-produced podcast Decrypted. The new season focused on the unintended consequences of technology, and UFO hoaxes, a form of fake news, certainly fit into that category. We discussed various aspects of hoaxing and how the most ardent defenders of hoaxes, in particular many Secureteam fans, are also diehard conspiracy theorists– and supporters of Donald Trump.

We finally settled on mid-August to record an interview. I was working overtime hours at CBS Television City, so Austin made the extra effort to hire recordist Chris Olin to visit me at CBS during my lunch break. I found an unused office, and Chris recorded me while Austin interviewed me over the phone.

Naturally we covered far more topics than would ever show up in the final product, including how I’ve been interested in science fiction and the paranormal since I was a teen, and other debunkers I support and admire like Scott Brando and Captain Disillusion; he found it interesting that Captain D and I have the same visual effects background. Most relevant, however, was my take on Tyler Glockner of Secureteam 10, who I’ve been tracking since 2014.

The episode was scheduled for an early September release, and I wondered: since Secureteam 10 would figure prominently in the episode, why wasn’t I asked to respond to anything Tyler had said during his interview? Was he being interviewed after me, and they’d call me for a follow-up?

Once the episode aired, all my questions were answered. Spoiler alert: Secureteam 10 declined to respond to Austin Weinstein’s inquiries. He just ignored Bloomberg, the way he blocks all his critics on YouTube and Twitter– before he was even criticized. While Tyler Glockner loves the publicity he gets from trash tabloids like The Express, The Sun and The Daily Mail, when faced with a legitimate news source he closed the door, drew the curtains and turned out the lights. You suppose he might have something to hide?

Debunking Tyler Glockner and the Secureteam 10 Channel, a creator of UFO hoaxes including:

- UFO Caught Stalking Child for Possible Abduction

- Alien Ship Caught Sending Scouts Over Florida - Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas!

- Witness of Major Texas UFO Cube & Portal Sighting Breaks Silence

- Giant Body Behind Saturn

- Stunning OFF-WORLD Alien Ship Captured By Father & Son

Special debunking help from Dazzathecameraman


By Constantine / UFO Theatre Creator

Constantine is an Emmy® winning animator and visual effects artist living in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on numerous shows for The History Channel, Discovery Channel and Spike TV in addition to being part of the team that converted Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace to 3D (but try not to hold that against him). Debunking UFO hoaxes and making fun of frauds are his passionate avocations.

There is overwhelming evidence that aliens have been visiting Earth and interacting with humans for an indeterminable period of time. The evidence, sometimes physical but most often in the form of eyewitness testimony, is overwhelming. I believe that in the next 20 years conclusive proof will be brought forward to solidify this as a reality in the minds of a majority of humanity.

UFOlogy is currently bogged down in capitalist greed. While there are millions of online viewers and readers seeking the latest bit of insight and information, a growing army of hoaxers and opportunists has risen to take advantage of that interest. What they can’t create themselves they steal from others, and promote by spamming social media like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s the goal of UFO Theater to expose those who manufacture UFO “evidence” to be sold as a commodity; and to highlight those providing accurate information and real insight. And of course, to entertain you while doing so. I look forward to your opinions.

(Source: ufotheater.com; December 5, 2018; http://tinyurl.com/yd6zu2q2)
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