Encounters with High Strangeness

The following five reports come from from across the globe, at various times and dates, and are of encounters with very little humanoids.

These types of experiences can be considered absurd and therefore come under the umbrella term of "High Strangeness," which is something I am studying, and wrote at length on within an essay for the upcoming book UFOs: Reframing the Debate, which will be available from White Crow books in May 2017.

When I was a child I encountered something similar to the experiences listed below. I was frightened of these beings, and I considered them to be ghosts. I wrote of one of my own experiences here entitled The Impossible Little Man. Decades later I am still uncertain what it was I encountered.

Location. Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada
Date: 1921 Time: evening

A man tossing hay heard a strange noise and, looking around, saw about 50 tiny beings only 15cm tall, dancing around the hay. They were dressed in red suits and black belts and spoke a language he could not understand. He ran to get his wife but when they returned the beings had gone, but the hay was dry and stacked in piles.
Source: Barbara Rieti 1991 Strange Terrain The fairy world of Newfoundland p73 citing Folklore collection FSC74-123/35  

Location. Washington, USA exact location not given
Date: 2000 Time: afternoon
Several teenagers were four wheeling in the woods, when they were stuck in the mud and began having problems getting out. When working at getting out, an elf-like person came out of the woods and looked at them. The elf had a bow and arrow, pointed hat and pointed ears. There were six witnesses. No other information.
Source: The Elusive Little People, http://paranormal.about.com  

Location. Milazzo, Sicily, Italy
Date: 1969 Time: morning

9-year old Massimo Piccione along with several other youngsters was exploring the grounds of the ruined Milazzo Castle when they heard a strange sound. When the boys looked they saw a tiny humanoid figure running very quickly over the tall grass. The figure was only a meter in height and was black and white in color. It wore a cape and a curious pointed cap. The tiny creature quickly disappeared from sight.
Source: Antonio Blanco Catalogo degli avvistamenti Della regione Sicilia

Location. Santa Caterina Villarmosa, Sicily, Italy
Date: 1950 Time: afternoon

Young Giuseppina Cappelli was traveling by horse buggy with her parents to a nearby farm, nearing a large meadow the horse suddenly reared up and stopped, becoming very nervous, snorting and looking around. As her father attempted to calm the animal her mother yelled out pointing towards the meadow. There the witness saw a small human-like figure moving at very high speed above the field, giving the impression that it was not touching the ground. The small figure had short arms and legs and wore a round cap on its head. It quickly disappeared into the distance. Her father warned her not to talk about what she had seen since it was the devil's business.
Source: Antonio Blanco Catalogo degli avvistamenti della Regione Sicilia

Location. Pontegrande Novara Italy
Date: 1949  Time: at dusk

An 11-year old girl was returning back home, when she heard a sound resembling bells ringing. She looked around and spotted six to seven dwarfs collecting something around a nearby large tree. One was taller than the rest. They wore red jackets, caps with bells and had boots that were pointed upwards. The beings saw the girl, who became frightened and fled the area.
Source: Paolo Fiorino, UFO Universe Oct/Nov 1991                

My thanks goes out to my dear friend and fellow Fortean researcher Albert S Rosales for sharing these strange encounters with me. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may have had a similar experience, especially if it occurred in Canada. You can contact me through the blog by leaving a comment or privately via my email addy. 


By Sue Demeter / Cosmic Witch Blogger

These are my random thoughts, imaginings, and other things. I am interested in parapsychology, folklore, UAP/UFOs, consciousness, reality, synchronicity, tricksters, magick time travel, and the impossible. Visit my website (text link below) for my CV and research interests.

(Source: susanstclair.com; April 13, 2017; http://tinyurl.com/k6wqjpf)
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