Declassified Australian UFO report shows the USA knows more than they let on

Australian UFO Report declassified in 2021

Report contents ranging from 1957-1971, released/declassified in 2008

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(Will have the former gov official to help decipher the cursive and governmentese in the comments and documentation soon)

Spoiler: Extra-terrestrial/Nonhuman/Aliens is indirectly confirmed

The report is really easy to read/understand and won't take long so to the people who might not want to invest too much time into it this is for you.

Revelations I've found: (send me some more I might've missed)

Project Bluebook

Wow what the f**k:

Cat-like faced aliens pg. 27

Page 32 notable encounters:

Case 82, Denmark - 50m from object, witness paralyzed (also birds and cows). Four handsome men with brown skin emerge with translucent helmets.

Case 144, France - When Dewilde attempted to intercept two dwarfs, a strong orange light was emitted from object on rail tracks about 20' away. Lorenzen's account says light as powerful as a Mg flare from a square opening. Dewilde lost use of speech and legs until beam was switched off.

Case 147, France - Riding a bicycle, witness felt a prickling or itching sensation over whole body like electric shocks. On alighting, prickling continued as well as paralysis. Very small man then came and touched him on shoulder, then left in nearby craft, whereupon paralysis left.

Case 162, France - Craft 50m away; 3 figures emerge from the light as witness felt paralysed, then lost consciousness.

Case 165, France - Witness, already under partial hypnosis, approaches man in overalls and helmet, who is holding a metal rod and had a light projector on his chest. The man appeared suddenly at 30ft distance near a floating dome. Witness felt paralyzed along with 7 others. Man, and soon after, the craft as well, vanished. Paralysis leaves. Witness had insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite for about a week.

Case 171, France - Man and dog paralyzed as object dives towards them and climbs again.

Case 197, France - When near object, employees felt "pricklings and a sort of paralysis". Object flew off.

Case 208, France - Witness sees 8' diam. object and feels paralysed, also grasping for air.

Case 221, France - Riding bicycle, witness stopped as figure in diving suit with bright eyes and hairy chest aimed a double beam of light from two vertical headlights on front of suit, paralysed.


US Involvement timeline since 1947:






EDIT: I added my conversations with a former AUS gov official and clearing up any misconceptions:

I was contacted today by a former Australian federal government official today. He worked in relevant agencies from 1980-2015. I'm unsure of whether he wants his reddit username known so I'll keep it anonymous (for now) around

The 'bulk' of the document is a minute paper + attachments from a gov official named 'O.H. Turner' who had written this report in order to request expenditure (money/resources) in order to make further investigation.

Essentially, the cases listed in the report were from Jacques Vallée and J. Allen Hynek. Vallée alone had collected around 1,000 encounters of which had no discernible explanation and his book here contains many of the sightings/encounters listed in the report. However, we are unsure how he had specific connections to Vallée or Hynek which caused him to get earlier access to the documentation/encounters. However, don't discredit the reported sightings just because of this. For O.H. Turner to write a report and include these sightings in it means that he was risking his entire career putting in these encounters. The former official, and another knowledgable redditor u/Worth-Ad5356 as well as myself concluded that the behind-the-scenes information or whatever information he had received was so compelling and enthralling that he was willing to essentially, destroy his career, due to the harsh stigma that any official would receive if they brought it up during that time. The way he details the interactions and decisions of various US Government and military organizations in full confidence was because he had special access to US case files and/or was working on shared project(s) with US counterparts.

Something many missed in the report there was a comment on one of the pages from the the CO of RAAF Pearce (north of Perth) along the lines of "what do you expect me to do about it?"

What the former government official said regarding this, and I quote:

"My gut feeling is that the Australian Govt did not have the resources nor the inclination to do anything other than pass the buck to our allies."

Just 5 days ago, in an interview with Ross Coulthard (an extremely respected journalist in Australia), new information had surfaced through an interview. After submitting this exact report, apparently the agency in charge of handling it had forwarded it to the USAF and apparently did not like what was written inside of it and O.H. Turner had gotten blacklisted and had told the agency in charge of Turner to have him removed. Interview with Ross Coulthard (they talk about it starting at around 1:13) credit to u/Worth-Ad5356.

Final words:

Former Gov: Just as a by the by, when reading these old government files they read generally from last page to front. They were cardboard folders and new documents were attached on top of older documents usually on a big split pin type of thing. However when a multi page document was added, it was put in in one go. If the file got too big a new volume would be created. Everyone was referred to back then by their title usually in the form of an acronym and the bookings on the front of the file reflected these. Ahhh memories.

This is not special knowledge by any means, anyone my vintage or older who worked in or around government would know about these type of files.

And as I said before, the interesting stuff is often in the handwritten notes!

(Handwritten notes, cursive, governmentese will be deciphered within the coming day(s))

Handwritten notes: (Thank you u/On_Tippytoes )

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