Crop circle: Treuzy-Levelay, Seine et Marne, France

Treuzy-Levelay, Seine et Marne, France. Reported 16th July.

Image Cedric Dos Santos Copyright 2019

The Wave resulting from the eclipses of July

Another crop circle in France, a historical event for the crop circle phenomenon in that country, counting on July 16 (day of the lunar eclipse) its 15th crop circle!

Needless to say, just look and see that it picks up the same pattern of alignments and energy waves in the shape of these stylized Yang-Yin patterns, and because it appears on the same day of the lunar eclipse, it reinforces all these theories: actually the message central has been this from the beginning.

But this one, on the day of the eclipse, seems to represent a sum of energies that, starting from that date, July 16, evolves into a series of 5 circles (note, circles grow as they move away from the central vortex) reaches us between 21 and 22 July, when the Sun enters the sign of Leo.

Even the letter S of Sum appears in the centre design.

And we can note that there are two yang yin summed in the center, as representing two nucleus of energy or two states of polarity Sun-Moon (the two eclipses of July) which, in a generation of accumulated energy, gradually evolves into something forward.

All we can do is wait for the next few days and see what happens.

But the impression I have is that, appearing on the day of the last eclipse, this crop circle depicts a sum of all the energies generated in these cosmic processes throughout the period.

PS: The ratio 5/3 in the central axes and arms of the vortex is the same as that of the Ark of the Covenant and Noah's Ark, we discussed earlier on this in other models

Jonas Passos (18.07.2019)


By Crop Circle Connector
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