Campers experience possible Sasquatch sounds and voices in the desolation wilderness, CA

Three friends are camping in the Desolation Wilderness, California when they start to experience light, sound, and voice anomalies. They later believe that the cause may have been Sasquatch related.

"Before I detail my experience let me provide a brief introduction. I've been camping, fishing, and hunting most of my life. I spent quite a bit of time in the forest and bush.

My experience happened over 45 years ago. I have thought about this since then and dreamed about it too. It has not been until quite recently that I thought that this strange experience could be related to Sasquatch. It was mid-August 1974 and the location was the Tahoe Yosemite Trail portion of the Pacific Coast Trail, also known as the Desolation Wilderness. This area isn't far from where Ron Moorhead recorded the Sierra Sounds. I and two friends were backpacking for a week, west of Echo Summit on Highway 50. We were camped out at Lake Ralston near Ralston Peak at over 8,000 feet and surrounded by granite and sporadic high timber.

One night, all three of us experienced some very weird phenomena. There was a bright white light shining through the trees to the southeast of us. It stayed stationary and it was incredibly bright, significantly brighter than any star, although the stars were beautiful at that elevation. It wasn't Venus and it was not present on any other night. We also heard what can be described as a siren-like sound. It sounded like a woo, woo, and repeated with almost no break for several minutes. Then the siren-like sound stopped and we heard what we thought were voices calling. We could all make out the words. These vocals were coming in from the direction of the light and siren-like sound. All the sounds were fairly distant, certainly at least a few hundred yards back from the direction we had hiked into where we were camped. These phenomena occurred simultaneously. The siren-like sound ended, then the first voices started out light and stayed present throughout the entire experience. It lasted for half an hour, then nothing. We don't see anything unusual or smell anything rank.

We acknowledged that this experience was very strange, so maybe there was a fire or someone was lost, which is what was happening. We didn't experience anything like that again for the rest of our stay. We hiked out a few days later. We checked at the lodge at Echo Lakes. They didn't know what we were talking about and said there had been no fires or searches for any lost hikers during the week.

None of us mentioned anything about Sasquatch, but after hearing Ron Moorhead's recordings and Les Stroud's experiences it dawned on me that these types of phenomena have all been experienced by others and that perhaps our weird experience was of a hairy people origin. I'm open to people's input." JS

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