Californian Sid Padrick and extraterrestrial guests

This case still causes lively disputes among ufologists. Some consider it a hoax, someone believes that in fact somewhere in our solar system there is an unusual planet, hidden from our gaze, from where mysterious UFOs come to Earth.

Invitation on board

Sid Padrick of Watsonville (California, United States) for some reason did not sleep in the early January morning of 1965, somewhere a dog was barking nearby, and he went out into the yard to find out the cause of her anxiety. The street was still dusk, and the more fantastic was the picture that appeared to his eyes. A flying saucer hovered in a dark sky about 20 meters in diameter.

She hovered noiselessly beside his house and sank to the ground. Padrik was literally dumbfounded for a moment, but quickly came to his senses and, unlike many more curious earthlings, did not expect further developments, but rushed to run away. Almost immediately he was stopped by a voice from the side of the plate, who suddenly in pure English said: "Do not be afraid, we are not hostile to you. We have no intention of harming you. "

Stunned, Sid froze and turned toward the spacecraft. The plate stood motionless, and in its monolithic case appeared a hole and a ladder, it seemed as if they were invited to board. Padrick then could not understand why he was not afraid to go to the UFO and climb on its side: whether it was telepathically influenced, or whether he simply trusted the voice that sounded so convincing.

On board the UFO Sid saw 8 aliens, who in appearance did not differ from earthlings, among them there was even a very beautiful woman. UFO pilots had rather dark skin, a strange angular incision of large eyes and very long thick beautiful hair. They were white with a bluish tint of jackets and trousers, these clothes looked like earth ski suits.

Only one of the aliens, a man, perfectly mastered the English UFO aboard, other crew members clearly did not understand this language. Padrick noticed that the alien interpreter was clearly delayed before answering even the simplest question, it looked like he telepathically translated it to the whole team and, possibly, consulted with her before giving an answer.

It should be noted that telepathic communication is noted in many reports about contacts with aliens, but usually UFO pilots use it for talks with earthlings.

The aliens proved themselves hospitable hosts, and Sid had the opportunity to visit the most diverse Kirill Butusov spaces of the ship, where he observed numerous working instruments and mechanisms. The most memorable to him was one device, which clearly looked like an anachronism aboard this ship, it was somewhat like an ordinary terrestrial teletype with a tape moving around it.

Padrik tried to discuss with the crew the power system of the ship, but his knowledge was not enough to understand anything from the explanations of the aliens. The crew decided to show him a plate in the case: he was taken with him on a short trip and even allowed to wander 350 km to the north-west of his house, where this time a flying saucer landed. Then Sid again brought to his house.

Secret planet

The most interesting and unusual for ufologists was the memory of Padrik about the story of the aliens about their home planet. Here the Earthman discovered a lot of unusual things. If you believe aliens, then on their planet was the most perfect world, one can imagine: in the homeland of the newcomers there were no diseases, criminality and universal equality flourished. The real sensation was their statement that their planet is somewhere in our solar system, but reliably hidden from observation from Earth

Similar statements about the mysterious planets hidden in earth in the Solar system sounded at contacts with aliens and earlier. Even before the beginning of the space age, guests from outer space even spoke of planets hidden from the earth by the moon ... Of course, with the release of mankind into space, all such statements found absolutely no evidence.

Is it possible that existence in our solar system is still unknown to us, but suitable for the life of the planet? If there is such a planet, then it can only be Gloria - a twin of the Earth, a planet, according to the hypothesis of the Leningrad astronomer Cyril Butusov, located from us in the opposite direction behind the Sun and hidden from the observation of earthmen by the luminary and the radiance of his crown.

According to the author of the hypothesis, the area inaccessible for observation in this direction is about 600 diameters of the Earth and is quite sufficient to hide from us a fairly large planet, which by its conditions and parameters can correspond to our planet and be a haven for an intelligent life.

There is, however, one more far more fantastic hypothesis that the "hidden" alien planet may be in our solar system, but in another dimension.

They came to study our civilization

Unfortunately, the aliens did not explain to Padrik how their planet is hidden from observation from the Earth, it is possible that they even misinformed him, because in many other cases of contact with earthmen UFO pilots often called their homeland known to be unsuitable for the life of the planet of our solar system.

UFO, painted by Sid Padrik

Unlike many other contacts, this time a representative of earthlings was given high confidence, he even visited a kind of prayer room on board the ship and was present at a religious ceremony and repeated for the aliens their prayers.

About the purpose of their visit to the Earth, the aliens did not spread much. They told Sid that they had come to observe the earthmen and to study our civilization. In conversation with them, an interesting remark was made that other UFOs, representatives of other civilizations are exploring our planet.

Separated Padrik and the aliens quite friendly, they kept their promise: there were no medical experiments or surveys conducted on Sid, he was not even questioned about him. Most of all Padrik got it when he reported about his contact with aliens ufologists and local authorities. Many simply thought that he had invented everything, it seemed painfully incredible to all that had been communicated to them.

Journalists scoffed at Sid, exclaiming in the headlines of their articles and translating the facts outlined by Padrik.UFOlogists tried to catch him on any inconsistencies in his stories. It all ended that, exhausted by journalists and ufologists, Sid said about the undesirability of new meetings and conversations on the topic of contact, changed his residence and disappeared from the field of view of researchers.


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