Black, hairy biped harasses & charges work crew in Ram Rivers, Alberta, Canada

An oil and gas exploration crew is harassed by an unknown black, hairy biped. They were quickly airlifted from the work area. Later, when they returned, the same biped charges the crew.

A transcript from a posted video:

"Barry Allen Ferguson was working on a Portable 3D Gas and Oil Exploration job in Ram Rivers, Alberta, Canada, west of Rocky Mountain House. A crew had been working in the area previously but asked to be airlifted out due to being harassed by something.

Ferguson spoke to one of the men who said that they were told to say that it was a grizzly bear, though he noted that the creature was throwing rocks, something grizzlies did not do. 

Two weeks later, Ferguson and his crew were sent in to finish the job. Ferguson recalled working, clearing the area with the other men, when he noticed, to his right, a black, bipedal creature running in the forest, coming in their direction. It seemed to be charging and retreating, over and over. Other members of the crew, who were present also, saw this creature and were prepared to use their saws as weapons. Two of the men managed to take photographs of the beast as it charged and retreated. The creature then stepped behind a tree and angrily “smashed it” which caused it to literally flip.

Ferguson asked a helicopter pilot, which was dropping off men nearby, to fly over the area and scare the creature. As it did its pass overhead, the men watched as two small hairy, human-like creatures, which he called “cubs,” climbed down from some trees and all three of them ran off into the timber.

Ferguson and his team managed to finish the job and would sometimes catch glimpses of the creatures. The larger creature was “human-looking” though it had long limbs, shiny hair or fur (the men argued this point) all over its body and on its ears and it ran like a primate. Ferguson sensed that it was “intelligent.” The entire encounter lasted about 15 minutes. Two of the men present have since passed away."

Transcribed source: The Facts By Podcast - Two Crews Evacuated By Chopper To Escape Charging Upright Being, Western Alberta - 14 Mar 2022

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