Bizarre, bright lights flickering high above national park surprises keen stargazer

A BIZARRE pair of bright lights flickering high above Pinnacles National Park had Rasmussen resident Janelle Wragge questioning whether the Starship Enterprise was in town.

The part-time photographer and keen astrophotographer said she spotted the two lights about 9pm Tuesday.

The first one appeared to be hovering over the Pinnacles National Park, while the other light was more to the west of her Freedom Green home in the Bluewattle estate.

She took a video of the lights and a number of photos while watching the lights until about 11pm when she went to bed.

The strange lights spotted near the Pinnacles National Park. Pic: Janelle Wragge

“It’s a bit different isn’t it,” she said.

“That’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that.

“There might be a simple explanation.”

She said the lights appeared to move and fade, before returning to their original position and brightening again and she’d initially thought they were from a helicopter, plane or even a drone.

Ms Wragge said the lights looked like little disco balls and her and her sister had joked it was the Starship Enterprise circling above.

Townsville Astronomy Group observatory project manager Bob Bartlett said it was too hard to say for sure what the lights were without having seen them himself or having any scale to measure them against.

He thought it may have been the bright lights of Venus, as it was around that position at the moment and the high cloud yesterday may have explained the flickering appearance.

He said he saw Venus last night and it had been “quite bright”.

Video can be accessed at source link below


By Scott Sawyer / Townsville Bulletin Reporter
(Source:; May 16, 2018;
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