Atmospheric pressure and the paranormal

Doors opening on their own, barometric pressure readings dropping, ears popping, a faint feeling or that feeling like you are rocking on boat are often thought to be signs that something paranormal may be happening. While this may be the case, it more likely to be a change in atmospheric pressure.

While it can be stressful and you may feel like you are under a bit of pressure as a paranormal investigator, this is not at all what this article about. I am talking about the atmospheric kind! Pressure in it’s many forms, can be misunderstood as being ‘paranormal’. Whether it is a door opening on its own, feeling pressure in your head, to that light headed feeling or like you are rocking on a boat, while it could be something paranormal, it could also be a result of pressure.

Pressure change in a small room

In small rooms such as a small bedroom or a bathroom, a regular occurrence can be a door seemingly open on it’s own. While it could be something that we cannot explain, it could also be a result of what is in. called a ‘pressure change’. Simply put, it you open a window or a draft from an open fireplace comes into the room, the pressure of the room changes. Think of it like using a syringe. When you pull the top, the pressure causes the syringe to suck liquid or air in. In the case of a small room, it could cause a door that is not well latched or locked to open. A lot of ‘old’ house we investigate have fireplaces and sources of draft. More importantly the doors are usually pretty easy to open and sometimes don’t latch properly as they are mainly used for (display purposes). Next time a door opens, keep this in mind, while it could be something you can’t explain, this is one tool you can use to help you debunk the situation.

Pressure changes in the ear

You know that awful feeling when you are on an aeroplane and there is a change in the cabin pressure. Your ears feel blocked and suddenly there is a ‘pop’ feeling. This is due to the cabin pressure changing. This can happen to people in every day circumstances – including when they are investigating the paranormal. When this happens, the pressure change is thought by some to be a change of energy in the room or that something is trying to communicate with you. A lot of sensitive people use this as an indication that they are not alone. While this could be the case, it could also be Ear barotrauma. This is a condition that causes discomfort due to pressure changes that makes them feel more prominent. While some people may not notice pressure changes at all, to others it can end up being uncomfortable and even painful.

Another common thing that can happen to anyone is the eustachian tube which connects your middle ear to your throat and nose can become blocked. If you have a cold or suffer from hayfever or even prone to ear infections, it can cause this tube to become blocked. This will give you the same sensation as if you are on an aeroplane. What is another side effect is that it can also cause you to feel unbalanced, feel like you are rocking on a boat, light headed and faint. These are also symptoms that can be interpreted to be paranormal. When you think about it, a lot of these old places are old and there is a lot of dust. Quite often I will be fine at the beginning of the night, but by the end I am sneezing with sore ears. In my case it isn’t anything paranormal, more a reaction to my surroundings.

Barometric Pressure

Barometric Pressure is the pressure within the atmosphere of the Earth. Some people feel that a change in this can indicate that a spirit is possibly nearby. A way to monitor it beside data logging devices is to use helium balloons. When the pressure in the room changes, the balloons will begin to drop. While this could indicate that something is happening in the room, the act of a person simply entering or leaving the room can also change the pressure inside the room and the pressure is changing due to this more so than something paranormal. It is also worth noting that barometric pressure falls naturally at night time. When is the most common time for people to do an investigation?

Like with any investigation, it is important to rule out these possibilities above before jumping to the conclusion that it was something paranormal. I myself do it all the time in the heat of the moment. I think wow and get excited that something paranormal has happened. This is OK because it is exciting and it is a normal reaction. What should follow however is a process to recreate or debunk the experience so that you can establish if it was something natural or not. In most cases, you will discover it is something natural that has caused the event. I sometimes feel a little let down or even embarrassed that I got excited but again this is OK. It means you are passionate but still dedicated to looking for the truth. While it can be disappointing, it is all a part of being an investigator. It also makes those instances where something happens you can’t explain all the more exciting and head scratching and that is what it is all about.

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By Sarah Chumacero / Paranormal Investigator

Sarah is the creator and blogger for Living Life In Full Spectrum a popular paranormal blog aimed at paranormal enthusiasts and investigators. As an active paranormal investigator out in the field for several years now, Sarah dedicates her time to researching and investigating the paranormal – more specifically the spirit world and presenting her thoughts and findings through Living Life In Full Spectrum. It covers everything from paranormal investigation technique, equipment, experiments, theories, famous paranormal cases, historical information on locations, a general social commentary on the paranormal field and all things encountered in between.


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