Amazing UFO over Australia 2020

This is a photo Peter Maxwell Slattery took on August 31st 2020 near Mount Buffalo Victoria Australia.

The photo has has been analysed by image analysis expert Jason Gleaves (Ex UK Royal Airforce / Aerospace) from Ufonly. Also this was remote viewed by John Vivanco’s team.

It is found to be authentic. For more go to Or #ufo #uap #news


By Peter Maxwell Slattery / Author and Experiencer

BiPeter Maxwell Slattery is an international bestselling author, and he is known as an E.T contact experiencer. His E.T experiences started at an early age and continue to this day, with hundreds of witnesses to events. Pete’s experiences have been detailed in an overwhelming amount of photographic and video evidence related to UFOs, otherworldly Beings, and apparitions, which have been analyzed by Jason Gleaves (Ex-U.K. Air Force and Aerospace), and remote viewed by John Vivanco (The Psychic Spy) and his group, which has worked for the FBI. Pete's story also includes physical trace evidence. He has appeared on History Channel's Ancient Aliens and Paranormal Caught On Camera, Channel 7's Prime News, and Sunrise, and many other international television programs. He was also featured in The Cosmic Secret, which was a number one documentary film on iTunes in 2020, and James Gilliland's Contact Has Begun 2, and his UFO footage was featured in Close Encounters of The 5th Kind.

(Source:; September 25, 2020;
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