Acorn-shaped UFOs / hybrid humanoid encounter in Charleroi, Pennsylvania

A couple observes 2 acorn-shaped UFOs hovering above the Monongahela River in Charleroi, PA. Their daughter later encounters a hybrid humanoid in her bedroom that night.

The following incident was recently updated:

"My boyfriend and I had a strange sighting in the late afternoon of May 7, 2015 while bank fishing along the Monongahela River in Charleroi, PA. It was sunny, with a few clouds.

I had my line in the water and was looking in the sky, watching out for a possible sudden thunderstorm. I had my sunglasses on and spotted a dark sphere coasting along in the sky in front of us. It moved closer to our position and appeared to slow down. I got my boyfriend's attention to it. At first he couldn't see it because it was way up there and the bright sun made it hard to focus on it. He did see it and we watched. I got a better look with my sunglasses on. It was an acorn shaped dark black object, however one area seemed to be flashing a red light on the left middle part of it. There was nothing reflective on this object. It definitely was not a Mylar balloon. This object was much larger than a small balloon. If I had to guess, I'd say it was approximately half the size of a Volkswagen bug car.

This object did not move with the wind, it moved against it and hovered for 2-3 minutes. While watching this, I was stunned to see an identical object fly into sight right a few feet above the one we were already watching. It was the exact same dark black acorn shaped object that did not reflect the sun. This object had a blue flashing light in the same spot on it, as the other one. Both objects hovered for 4-5 minutes, then slowly moved away from us. I kept questioning what it was that we saw. I was perplexed that these objects did not reflect the sunlight.

We went about our day and arrived home later that evening. That night, my boyfriend had a hard time sleeping. He had a stomach ache, probably from something he ate earlier. He did seem anxious last night. I remember he woke me up in the middle of the night asking me if I had heard that 'knocking.' I did not hear the knocking he heard. After he woke me up, he went upstairs to check on it. He heard nothing while checking throughout the house. He came back and described the repetitious strange knocking sound he heard. I just chalked it up to maybe he was mistakenly hearing someone knocking on a neighbors door. We both went back to sleep.

About an hour later he woke me up again to tell me that our 11-year-old daughter was at the top of the stairs calling me. I got up and walked to the bottom of the stairs and asked her what was wrong. She said she was scared, that she saw a face in her room. She wasn't overly scared, so it didn't alarm me. I assumed she just had a bad dream and I told her to go back to bed. She hesitated, but did. She also slept with her light on in her room the rest of the night. 

Then around sunrise I was awakened by a loud noise of dishes sliding around in the kitchen sink upstairs. I didn't really feel alerted, as that kind of thing has happened before.

During breakfast, my daughter told me what happened during the night that scared her. She said something woke her up and she opened her eyes to a startling sight of face right up in her face. Maybe 1-2 inches away. She said it had white skin and was a slight human shape to it. She drew a picture of it. To me, it looked like a hybrid. She made the eye pupils dark and bigger than the average humans. She said it was just staring at her. She said she couldn't tell if it was male or female and didn't see any hair. Just the face. She said she closed her eyes and opened them up a few seconds later and it was still there. She said then the face slowly faded away.

It didn't occur to me that this all could be connected until late this morning. I felt it was important to report this and document it." P

NOTE: I remember reading this report now long after it had occurred. Then I recently read it again. It seems to have been updated from the original report. Lon

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