9 ft Bigfoot observed along I-64 near Lightfoot, Virginia

2 long-haul truck drivers observe a 9 ft Bigfoot standing along I-64 near the Lightfoot, Virginia exit. Both never reported the incident until they retired.

I recently received a telephone call from 'PA' who is a retired long-haul truck driver. PA and his brother would occasionally travel together during inclement weather. Their usual route was along I-64 between Norfolk, VA to Richmond, VA, then north on I-95 into various locations in Pennsylvania.

In the winter of 2010, PA and his brother were driving north on I-64 just before approaching the Lightfoot / Williamsburg, VA exit. This is approximately 5 miles north of Colonial Williamsburg, VA. PA was in the passenger seat while his brother was driving. There had been a large snowstorm during the past 24 hours. The time was around 2 am.

As they approached the exit, they both noticed a large dark figure standing along the right shoulder of the interstate. Since the background was white from the deep snow, they could easily distinguish the large bipedal creature. PA described it as extraordinary in height, at least 9 ft. So tall that it was eye level with the passenger side window. PA states that he was within 20 ft of the creature, which he knew was a Bigfoot. They were traveling at 35 MPH because of the snow, so PA got a very good look at the beast.

PA states that the Bigfoot was standing still as the eyes seemed to radiate an orange hue as it looked directly at them. The hair was very dark in color and quite thick all around. As they passed, the Bigfoot raised its right arm as if it was acknowledging their presence.

They were both in awe of the creature, questioning each other as to what they witnessed. Both brothers promised not to talk about the encounter with anyone, including family and friends. Now that he has retired, he felt compelled to come forward to report what he had seen. Lon

NOTE: I have received other reports of Bigfoot seen along I-64 over the years. This is the main interstate connecting the Norfolk, VA metro area (Naval Station Norfolk, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown and Virginia Beach) to I-95 and other points from the peninsula. It has one of the largest shipyards on the US east coast and is home to a massive Naval Station. Lon

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