3 winged humanoid reports - Chicago, Northern Illinois & Michigan

3 brief winged humanoid accounts from Chicago, northern Illinois and Michigan. These reports were received by an associate and forwarded to me

The following accounts were retrieved by an associate:

Northeast side of Chicago, Illinois - “I saw it in, I think, 2016 maybe 2017 it was spring. It was a very sunny morning and it looked like a giant bat gliding over a high school. Approximately 30/40 feet in the air? I only saw it for about 10-20 seconds before it flew behind some tall trees and I couldn’t find it after that. Later that day a friend emailed me an article about the Chicago Mothman sightings (I had not told her what I had seen). It had links to a photo from the Chicago southside and it was exactly what I had seen. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Point Pleasant Mothman, I don’t think its a portent of any kind. I can’t speak for anyone else.

I don’t know anyone else who has seen it. I do believe in all sorts of paranormal junk. I saw it on the northwest side of the city, there are a lot of sightings on the southeast side and near O’Hare. The last one I read about (not the last one that was as reported) was a truck driver unloading at O’Hare at night (I believe). You should Google it. It’s fascinating and there have been a ton of reports and a couple of not great photos. There's also this thing your brain does when you see something weird. It tries to rationalize what you’ve seen. I saw something gliding in the sky that had bat wings. I don’t know what it was, but it definitely wasn’t a bird. My first thought was, “that's weird.” My second thought was, “No It's a normal thing. Of course that's there.” People and brains are weird and imperfect." BA

“I live in Northern Illinois, back in 2017, I was driving home from work at around 10:30pm, and this huge creature was flying straight towards my car, but pulled up at the last second. I thought it looked like a gargoyle. I had no idea what else it could be. The creature looked completely black and I couldn't make out any other details, it all happened so fast and I was on back country roads so it was pitch black outside. My husband convinced me that it was just a bald eagle. But this makes me wonder.” M

“Well I live near Chicago, but I’m in Michigan. I haven’t seen this creature but, yes, I have heard and seen things. Late out one night (when I was younger probably like 2010) I was at my aunt and uncles house for the 4th of July. In the sky with the fireworks, I swear to this day, I saw some bird-like creature but bigger, huge wings (even from below they looked massive) and a long body. It flew between the fireworks exploding and flying like it was nothing.” MM


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(Source: phantomsandmonsters.com; November 27, 2020; https://tinyurl.com/yynbhah9)
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