Tarot explained: the Chariot

The Chariot brings the Fool from childhood into the adventure of adolescence. Ruled by the Moon, the Chariot symbolizes the flowing phases of a journey; success, travel, clear direction and strength of purpose are also associated with this card.

Symbols & Characteristics

The Chariot is associated with the color orange-yellow, dandelions and the musical note E. The cardinal water sign Cancer, ruled by the moon, is also associated with the Chariot. Although the Chariot is the eighth card of the major arcana, this card is represented by the number seven. Seven signifies victory, accomplishment, conquest and initiation. The Chariot emphasizes the use of information and tools gathered to achieve their current position.

A bright yellow background emphasizes the positive energy of The Chariot. A confident and focused driver leads the chariot. Instead of directing with reins, the charioteer utilizes mental control to direct the two sphinxes driving the cart. Although the chariot has a canopy overhead, the star pattern featured signifies that no actions can be hidden from the divine. Leading the chariot is a black sphinx and a white sphinx. The black sphinx is associated with the moon, femininity and the unconscious mind, while the white sphinx represents the sun, masculinity and the conscious mind. Depicted on the front of the chariot is the flying globe of the Egyptians and the Indian lingham, representing the merging of the feminine and masculine.

The charioteer wears an eight-pointed crown symbolizing their connection to the higher realms of consciousness, as well as a laurel wreath for victory. Armor emblazoned with Urin and Thummin, symbols associated with the High Priest of Jerusalem is worn proudly. Around their waist, the charioteer wears a skirts and belt inscribed with ceremonial magic. The wand held in their right hand directs their will into the physical realm, actualizing their goals. Behind the chariot is a river and in the distance, a city, denoting the charioteer recently left in search of new paths and levels of growth.

Reading The Chariot Upright

The Chariot features themes of success, persistence, mental control and will power. A card that speaks to one’s strength of purpose, the Chariot encourages clear direction and overcoming obstacles to achieve growth. The Chariot defines a journey which utilizes both mental and physical tools to reach success. Receiving this card in a reading may indicate travel, or a quest is in the querent’s future. When received in a reading regarding two competitors, this card may indicate a leader or winner.

Reading The Chariot Reversed

The Chariot reversed may be an indicator of stagnation or indecisiveness regarding next steps. Receiving this card may be a sign to review resistance regarding moving forward. Defeat, loss of control and the lack of boundaries are also associated with the Chariot reversed.


By The Crystal Council

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(Source: thecrystalcouncil.com; January 29, 2022; https://tinyurl.com/2upnruf4)
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