Sorcerer breaks strange goat curse

A witch doctor in Zimbabwe is being credited with breaking a strange curse surrounding a goat and a woman wishing to start a family. According a local media report, Daina Mahuni had been unable to get pregnant over the course of her 15-year-long marriage. Eventually, she and her husband became resigned to their childless fate after a myriad of doctors and spiritual practitioners failed to provide any insight or help.

However, the couple found success by way of a sorcerer who seemingly solved their problem and revealed that it was all the fault of a goat! According to the witch doctor, this particular creature, which had been handed down to Mahuni by her grandmother upon her passing, carried with it a rather cruel curse. "It came out that my grandmother had bewitched me not to have children, but the inherited goat to have lots of kids at my expense," she explained.

Why, exactly, her grandmother would do such an unsavory thing is a mystery, but Mahuni believes it to be true since the goat consistently gave birth to twins and, ultimately, produced a whopping 16 kids. As such, on the advice of the sorcerer, she and her husband sacrificed their entire herd of goats in one fell swoop, hoping to put an end to the curse. Their remarkable commitment to having kids of their own appears to have paid off as Mahuni became pregnant shortly thereafter and is expected to give birth any day now.


By George Noory / Coast to Coast AM Host

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