Sacral chakra healing stones

Inspire creativity, encourage emotional flow and balance energy in the reproductive organs with sacral chakra healing stones.  Sacral chakra healing stones such as Carnelian, Bumblebee Jasper, Moss Agate and Chrysophrase work to activate and balance the second chakra.  The Sacral chakra processes pleasure, and brings forth human life as well as artistic life.

Sacral Chakra 101

The Svadhisthana, or sacral chakra, is the second chakra of the energetic system, and is located below the navel.  The second chakra is associated with flow and feelings.  The sacral chakra is associated with the water element, the color orange, and the mantra VAM.  The lower stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, womb and sexual reproductive organs are all ruled by the sacral chakra.  Signs of an unbalanced sacral chakra include a lack of creativity or feeling uninspired, as well as the the inability to be flexible.  Feeling emotionally blocked or extremely emotional are both signs that the sacral chakra is unbalanced.  Signs of a balanced sacral chakra include the ability to express emotions, create and embrace flow.  A healthy connection to sexuality and pleasure is also a sign of a balanced sacral chakra.

Carnelian is a potent healing stone that activates and energizes the sacral chakra.  The Egyptians utilized Carnelian as a protective stone to assist the soul on its journey through the afterlife.  Carnelian helps to release fear relating to death, doubt and negative thinking; this is a great stone to work with when actively creating the life you want to live.  The sun is the planet which rules Carnelian; this stone's ability to amplify vitality while radiating an uplifting tone makes it ideal for those looking to ease depression or revitalize their etheric bodies.

Bumblebee Jasper is one of many Jasper variations beneficial for sacral chakra work; this variation's bright yellow attributes make it seem as though pollinated.  Bumblebee Jasper helps new ideas to bloom, encouraging creative growth, expansion and flow.  This stone radiates a gentle positive buzz, increasing playfulness and encouraging connection for a common cause.

Poppy Jasper is helpful for balancing male and female energy within the body and healing intentions centered around the sexual organs.  Introduce more grounding Earth energy into your space as you process with Poppy Jasper; this stone helps to connect more fully to nature and animals in the immediate environment.

Cinnabar Jasper is another variation of Jasper that helps to activate and balance the sacral chakra, encourage positivity, welcome flow, and release what is no longer working.  Cinnabar Jasper is useful for those healing their libido and encouraging pregnancy.

Red Jasper's grounding protective qualities make it excellent for all lower chakra healing.  Red Jasper provides a sense of security and encourages passion and physical connection.

Moss Agate has long been regarded by midwives as a beneficial tool, believed to alleviate pain while ensuring a healthy birth.  This stone is kept as a good luck talisman that helps to release blockages, especially around the fertility, the cycles of life and new beginnings.  Moss Agate is also renowned for it's ability to bring life to plants, as well as positive energy to those navigating growing pains and healing emotional trauma.  Moss Agate radiates a gentle and encouraging energy allowing one to open up in their own time while still feeling secure in their physical environment and grounded in their body.

Chrysophrase is a magical stone, healing both the sacral chakra and the heart chakra simultaneously.  This stone encourages deep seated fears to come to the surface to be released; there is an ease that Chrysophrase brings to emotionally-charged healing which helps to impart compassion for oneself and others.  Chrysophrase is believed to assist with fertility and healing intentions related to the sexual reproductive organs.  A positive stone, Chrysophrase brings an uplifting and inspiring energy to any space and healing meditation.


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