Nurture your gratitude daily

Too many of us unwisely dwell only on what we lack or think we lack, and not on what we have.

As the Universal Spiritual Brother & Sisterhood (USB) reminds us, not all days can be as perfect as one might desire, but every moment can be one of thanks for the many blessings that are ours, particularly the blessing of life as a human being. That priceless gift provides us with opportunities to make our dreams come true and help others on their own journey.

We should avoid wasting time pining for what is not. Instead, we should gratefully remember what we have and strive to meet misfortunes well, correcting what we can correct, and accepting the rest courageously. Truly grateful people are usually spiritual people, ever ready to serve others, and therefore on the path to a spiritual mountaintop, whether they know it or not.

The full teachings of the USB are contained in the book Spiritual Light, published by USB Vision Press.


By Victor Zammit / Afterlife Lawyer

Victor James Zammit, B.A.Grad. Dip.Ed. M.A. LL.B. Ph.D worked as an attorney in the Local Courts, District and Supreme Courts in Sydney Australia. For many years his main interest was in human rights and social justice. Around 1990 he began to experience spontaneous clairvoyance and clairaudience which led him to begin a systematic investigation of the afterlife. He was astonished to discover a hidden world of research that he felt provided overwhelming evidence for life after death. Since that time his priority has been sharing his discoveries on this website where an earlier version of this book was viewed by more than a million people.

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