Here’s what your birthdate tells you about your life path

In this video, I decode what your numerological destiny number (determined from your birthdate) means. If you don’t know yours, watch this video first and determine yours, then return to this video to get the reading for it.

Video Source: Chakra Boosters Youtube

What many people don’t understand is that numerology and the chakras dovetail quite nicely. This means, if you know the chakras pretty well, you instantly know the key aspects of each number in numerology, because a 1 life path is related to the 1st chakra, a 2 life path is related to the 2nd chakra, a 3 life path is related to the 3rd chakra, and so on

But there are only 7 main chakras, and there are 9 single digit numbers in numerology, so what do we do about people with a life path number of 8 or 9?

You go full circle and start over at the root chakra again!

A person with an 8 life path is like a higher version of the 1 life path. And a 9 is like an advanced 2. The 8 and 9 life paths are very similar to the 1 and 2, but it’s as if they’ve climbed the mountain and seen vistas and are now coming back with higher knowledge.

Now, remember, your life path represents the part of your life that is going to help you to grow. It’s the destiny that is going to take you in a certain direction, so that your soul can grow. So if some of the descriptions don’t feel true, you’re probably right in the challenge/developmental phase of that particular quality. Ask yourself if you may actually be resisting this part of yourself. Perhaps you can set the intention to let it emerge.

In this video, I describe the different life paths in pretty good detail. Please watch it and see if you’re reading rings true for you. Feel free to skip ahead in the video, if you want a reading for one of the higher numbers.

And I’d love for you to shed more light on any of the Life Path numbers by commenting below.

Again, if you don’t know you’re life path number, this video and post will help you determine yours.




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By Vicki Howie / Empath and Life Coach

Vicki Howie is the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (find out what inspired her to create them here). She’s also the Creator ofChakra Love, the Chakra Life Cycle System® and she’s the Co-Editor of Conscious Life News. You can visit her website,facebook page and youtube channel for lots of free chakra info and gifts. If you enjoy her innovative chakra work, you can pre-order her new book “The Key to Your Chakras” here on Love and blessings!


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