Cords: to cut or not to cut? Cord cutting guide

There’s a lot of talk about psychic or etheric cords, and most of people are in favor of cutting these cords. Some people however are not!!
I hear this a lot : “How can I cut the cord with mom, whom I love so dearly?” Or
“I cannot cut the cord with my daughter; she is my baby, even if she can be a spoiled brat.”
So what would you do?
Would you keep a cord? Or would you just get rid of it?
It can be confusing, right?
What is a psychic cord?
Everything is energy.

The web of life is filled with cords also known as energetic or psychic cords, wispy etheric threads or attachments.
A cord is an energetic exchange between two or more people.
When two people interact an energy cord between them is being formed.
Cords happen in the subtle bodies: mental, emotional, astral and so on.
But they affect the physical body and your life.
Imagine the cord being like a tube.
Inside the tube energy travels.
Now the energy inside the tube might be good, beneficial, healthy or bad destructive, detrimental energy.

We tend to label things as good or bad.
I see a lot of people taking sides and defending one or the other.
The truth is that it all depends on the circumstance.
Let me say it again! It all depends on the circumstance.
And this is Powerful!!!
The detrimental cords are causing damage to both parties involved and also the environment.
The beneficial cords keep both parties in a high vibrational state and add positive energy to the environment.
A cord which is detrimental can be released or cut if one of the parties decides to end the detrimental energy. Once the cord has been removed the good healthy energies are starting to flow and replenish the damages created by detrimental cord and it can happen fast.
Let me give you an example:
the other day I met with a friend and she asked for my help.
She woke up with a headache and was in a bad mood for two days.
She had a strange dream. In her dream her mother who passed away came to visit her. My friend was sort of tormented by the dream.
She had her issues with her mother in the past but when her mother passed away she forgave her and since then her mom was one of her spiritual guardians.
Beautiful!!! We all have heard of similar stories.
when we heal, we heal in layers and until we heal fully the old stuff keeps popping up.
My friend had some remaining issues with her mom that needed healing. Her mother suffered heavily from being abused. My friend picked on her mother’s energy and took her abuse onto her shoulders.
This pattern is very common among sensitive people, earth angels. We cannot stand others’ suffering so we try to lessen their pain by taking onto others energy . And most of the times we don’t even realize we are doing this.
We feel other people’s emotions and we mistakenly think it’s our emotion.
So what do we do?
We continue the vicious cycle.
In my friends case she was so trapped in her mother’s painful energy that she became an abused woman herself. She did a lot of work on this, with great results. However there were still bits and pieces of detrimental energy hidden in the cracks and crevices of this detrimental cord.
It came to the surface via her dream.
Her mother came to her in the dream to remind her to do the work and release the cord. Now that’s when the “ahaaaaa” moment came in!
My friend was OMG that makes so much sense and when things makes sense healing starts because we know what needs to be resolved.
By taking on others energy, specially of suffering or pain we become pain or suffering.
With a little bit of awareness and willingness to heal we can change this.
And this is part of our inner work that all of us need to do.
We need to reflect on what is not beneficial and release it, cut the cord and also find out what is beneficial and healthy and keep it, nurture it.
Inside that energy tube we want peace, joy, love, compassion and all of the good stuff in relation to others.

This way we raise our vibrations, we help others raise theirs, and also the environment. It’s such a powerful thing to do.
Is it possible to have detrimental cords and beneficial ones at the same time?
In my friends case she had a detrimental cord (from her ancestors including her mother) attached to her throat chakra. She had thyroid problems and that is related to the throat chakra and ability to voice the truth.
At the same time she had a beneficial cord in her heart chakra which was the love for her mother.
So in this case cutting the throat chakra cord would make sense while keeping and nurturing the love memory for her mother in the heart chakra.
Negative cords are just pieces of information recorded in the ether, in the memory and our bodies, even in the skin and they stay there. That affects our health, our sanity and our life.
Life is so precious.
Cut the bad cords and nourish the good ones!
Decision is yours…
Where are the detrimental cords located?

Cords are usually located in the chakras. This is where they get rooted.
A detrimental cord that might be in the throat chakra can lead to thyroid imbalance and weak throat, not being able to express your voice, not having enough confidence to stand up for yourself and so on…
A detrimental cord in the heart caused by pain, loss, sadness and suffering can lead to heart problems.
Apart from chakras, there can be cords in other areas of the body.
There might be more than one detrimental cord in different locations or chakras, but there is usually a main predominant cord.
How to cut the cord ~ Cut the cord Guideline
I am going to share with you very simple technique that I teach my clients/friends to do when they cut cords in the video below:

It is a good practice to take an etheric shower after completing cutting the cord.

A good way to establish a strong protection around your energetic field is to sign the cancellation of evil contracts created by man.
Remember this: It only takes one person to remove or clear the cord and it’s such a big deal because we clear the unhealthy energies of both parties and the same time our environment.

We cannot be responsible for others actions or take on others energies as we rub them of opportunities to learn and grow in this life time.
By cutting a detrimental cords we free our loved ones allowing them to reach new stages on their evolution. We can send love and blessings and pray that they will understand their mission in this physical dimension. This way we set ourselves and others free from detrimental bonds while nurturing the healthy bonds.

If you need help in finding those detrimental cords and heal them I am happy to help.
You can schedule a session with me.


Video can be accessed at source link below.


By Lilly
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